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  • Passfield - Contact Management Software

    Passfield - Contact Management Software

    Passfield’s sophisticated Contact Management system is designed to help you maximise sales and deliver excellent customer service in a way that suits how you like to work. It will help you track your communications, manage campaigns and events as well as produce and deliver standard letters by post, email or fax. It’s also very flexible; so if you like you can create your own event types and contact categories, record multiple addresses...

  • Passfield - Stock Sales Planning Software

    Passfield - Stock Sales Planning Software

    This powerful system feature automatically creates stock batches complete with sowing dates and production schedules, purely based on your projected weekly, monthly or yearly forecast for each stock line. If you create your forecast first, then Passfield can create the batches needed to fulfil it. Once created, Passfield immediately books space for the batch in all its phases and also instantly updates stock, labour and machine usage plans....

  • Passfield - Document Design Software

    Passfield - Document Design Software

    Passfield lets you design and deliver your documents just the way you want. Your designs can include photos, graphics and bar codes and Passfield automatically ‘tidies’ up the finished product, deleting any blank address lines. You can create different designs for different clients, suppliers and/or client groups, which the system then automatically uses. You can also choose how each document is delivered...

  • Passfield - Reports and Data Analysis Software

    Passfield - Reports and Data Analysis Software

    Passfield brings you the most powerful reporting tool you’ll ever need for your business. As well as Passfield’s standard reports you’ll have access to our extensive report database. We can also create custom reports based on any selection of information you choose - or you can create them yourself using simple SQL. You’ll also be able to analyse data in a matrix format. So for example, you could view total sales per client per...

  • Passfield - Sales Ordering & Processing Software

    Passfield - Sales Ordering & Processing Software

    Among the first people to benefit from Passfield’s sales system will be your clients. Your sales staff will be able to give them immediate quotes, real-time information on available stock, updates on their orders and informed suggestions on alternative products if stock is not available.

  • Passfield - Electronic Trading Software

    Passfield - Electronic Trading Software

    Passfield’s messaging system is a revolution in order processing that’s delighting the nurseries already using it. Using this advanced system you can receive orders by email and have Passfield automatically create a sales order, ready for picking and dispatch. If you market on behalf of other nurseries, Passfield can automatically send picking lists generated directly from your sales orders.

  • Passfield - Pricing Horticultural Stock

    Passfield - Pricing Horticultural Stock

    Pricing horticultural stock can be a complex issue. Passfield delivers a simple solution that can adapt to the way your business works. As well as straightforward client group pricing, it can price according to quantity, season, packs and even specific clients. It handles discounts, tax-inclusive pricing and implements price expiry dates for whenever you want to revise your price list.

  • Passfield - Purchasing Software

    Passfield - Purchasing Software

    Passfield handles all the peculiarities of horticultural purchasing such as scheduled deliveries, different delivery locations, partial deliveries, multiple currencies, multiple pack types and more. But it also goes much further. For example, you can generate a 'wanted list' of stock and use it to solicit quotations and create purchase orders. This list can be generated from sales orders for which plant stock was not available, as well as to provide...

  • Passfield - Work Schedules Software

    Passfield - Work Schedules Software

    Scheduling work and managing labour resources can be a full-time job in itself. Passfield's production planning system lets you know what items of work need to be done each week or each day, and how many hours of labour and machine time it is expected to take. Using Passfield you’ll be able to print work schedules for any day, period, area or person. So every member of staff is clear about what needs to be done as well as who’s doing it....