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  • Pattenden - Blackcurrant Picking Machinery

    Pattenden - Blackcurrant Picking Machinery

    Blackcurrant harvester with side delivery conveyors. Output of 50 tons a day. Five man harvesting team. Big reductions in harvesting costs. Reduces requirements for fork trucks. Ideal pumped tanker system. Left and right handed conveyors to suit any field. Ideal for smaller acreages. Lifts controlled by rear operator. Quick folding inspection platforms at rear. Reversing rear cross conveyor to move fruit easily to either side.

  • Falcon - Cider Apple Harvester

    Falcon - Cider Apple Harvester

    100+ tons per day. Cab for operator comfort. Proven twin web pickup. Two cleaning ploughs. Four wheel drive, locking diff-locks. High lift 2 ton basket . One man operation, loads into root trailers. Low ground pressure tyres reduce compaction. John deere engine, locking diff-locks . 400 bar hydraulic system for hill climbing.

  • Swallow Harvester

    Swallow Harvester

    Two wheel drive. Idea for standard orchard, small planting. Carries two baskets. Lite weight, easy controls. Idea craft cider maker, home producer.  Few moving parts giving easy maintenance. Honda engine . Picking width from 500m to 800m (options available)

  • Pattenden - Grouse Self Propelled Cider Apple Harvester

    Pattenden - Grouse Self Propelled Cider Apple Harvester

    35 tons a day + loaded from seat. Self loads standard trailer –easily clears 2.55m (8’3”). 3 wheel drive & steer + diff. Lock – go anywhere ability. 1 Meter floating head – follows the contours. 2 meter width, fits down dessert fruit rows. Dual cleaning – clean samples. Diesel engine – for long life & available fuel. Machines working in France to America.

  • Pattenden - Tree Shaker

    Pattenden - Tree Shaker

    Compact tree shaker. Adjustable clamp pressure & shake pressure. self contained hydraulic system. fast, effective and gentle on trees . Easy for driver single button control. Very controlled shake

  • Pattenden - Trailed Dwarf Hop Harvester

    Pattenden - Trailed Dwarf Hop Harvester

    20 Pocket a day output. For 8' (2.4m) wire work standard. Unique plucker design. Whole hops produced. Minimal strig produced. Operator controlled - for excellent vision. Finger tip controls - for ease of use. Folding cross conveyor - with high cab clearance. 10' (3m) version available

  • Pattenden - Self Propelled Raspberry Harvester

    Pattenden - Self Propelled Raspberry Harvester

    Capacity 10-25 Acres (10 Hectares) according to quality. Exceptional ripe fruit removal. Maximum picking interval. IQF capability. Clean even coloured sample. Primo cane friendly - minimising cane disease. Insect removing band conveyors. Ample tray storage area. Simple pulp barrel handling. Patented 4 drum intermeshing shakers. Patented moving tray catching system. Experienced parts and service back-up