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  • Liquid Fertilizer Application System - Field Equipment

  • Batch Scale Systems

    Batch Scale Systems

    The batch scale system, is designed to be used with single or multiple tank configurations. It will accurately weigh batch loads of liquid fertilizer. The system can also be utilized with single products or blending of multiple products. The 30 degree cone bottom tank will ensure all product drains, before the next load. We can custom design the system, and deliver a turnkey product that will fit with your liquid fertilizer load out or blending site...

  • Model NH3 - Wagons

    Model NH3 - Wagons

    Our business is to custom build frames for mounting twin anhydrous ammonia tanks. The tank frames are available in three different models.

  • Transports Tanker

    Transports Tanker

    At Pattisons we can custom build tanker transport systems to meet your specific needs. The cone bottom tanks, can be built  in a single or double tank configurations. Tank and cradle are mounted on a solid skid base for easy loading and unloading.

  • Liquid Fertilizer Application System - Liquid Fertilizer Distribution Systems

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  • Ag Sprayers

  • F/S - Trailer Sprayers

    F/S - Trailer Sprayers

    Our Trailer Sprayers follow in the footsteps of our Self-Propelled Sprayers, or really in the footsteps of just about anything with their adjustable wheel spacing.  They are some of the lightest trailer sprayers on the market due to the lightweight boom design, allowing for easy pulling and improved fuel economy. With 1,000 and 1,500 Gallon models available and...

  • Tru-Kleen

  • Tru-Kleen - Cone-Bottom Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Tru-Kleen - Cone-Bottom Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Our Tru-Kleen Cone-Bottom Water & Fertilizer Tanks incorporate all the benefits of our Yellow Line Poly Tanks...and then ADD THE TRU-KLEEN BENEFITS!  With a 10-Degree Cone-Bottom and a Male Threaded Outlet, you can pump every last drop of product out of your tanks without the hassle of trying to clean that last 50 gallons of product. Tru-Kleen™ Storage Tanks are available in 1000, 1300, 1600, 2000,...

  • Tru-Kleen - Chemical Processor

    Tru-Kleen - Chemical Processor

    Loads chemical from Totes or Barrels.  Uses existing transfer pump. Mechanical Measuring - No Meters . Induction of chemical from jugs.  Rinses both cones. Rinses jugs .

  • Other Products

  • Model 3PT - Homestead Sprayers

    Model 3PT - Homestead Sprayers

    Available in 55, 110, 150 or 200 Gallon Models. Cast Iron PTO Roller Pump (Stainless Steel Available). TeeJet Manual Controls (Electric In-Cab Controls Available). Compatible with Category I or II Hitch. 4-Point Stand. 1-Year Sprayer Warranty. 20 or 30 Foot Boom for 110, 150 & 200 Gal. Models. 12 or 18 Foot Boom for 55 Gal. Model

  • Dandy-Lion Killer - Chemical Applicators

    Dandy-Lion Killer - Chemical Applicators

    Are you tired of fighting with dandelions or other weeds?  Frustrated because you can't use your sprayer without the risk of chemical drift killing your wife's flowers?  Then you need a DANDY-LION KILLER from F/S Manufacturing.  Its simple, gravity-fed operation makes it an easy, effective and safe tool for anyone to use, regardless of experience.  The Dandy-Lion Killer is A NO-DRIFT CHEMICAL APPLICATOR, so even when the wind...

  • Yellow Line - Heavy Duty Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Yellow Line - Heavy Duty Water / Fertilizer Tanks

    Our Yellow Line poly tanks are second to none in quality and strength.  With a 16 pound-per-gallon rating, they are the most heavy-duty poly storage tanks on the market, and are designed for fertilizer storage.  Our Yellow Line flat bottom tanks are available in 1600, 2000 and 3000 Gallon Capacities.