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  • Kivi-Pekka

  • Kivi-Pekka - Model 5 & 6 - Stone Picker

    Kivi-Pekka - Model 5 & 6 - Stone Picker

    The manufacturing facility is located in Rantasalmi in Eastern Finland, which is renowned for it's stony soil, making it an ideal location for continuous development and vigorous product testing. Our dedication to ongoing development makes the KIVI-PEKKA a very reliable machine. KIVI-PEKKA stone pickers are manufactured in three working widths 4m, 5m and 6 meters. The customers chooses the working size for his own needs. The lifting drum width of the...

  • Kivi-Pekka - Model DH - Disc Harrow

    Kivi-Pekka - Model DH - Disc Harrow

    The KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow fits for working in grass, before seeding, and straw. The disc harrow is attached by via tow bar and has been designed for average sized tractors. The KIVI-PEKKA disc harrow is available with four different working widths 2,75 m 3,5 m 4 m and (5,5 m folded). We recommend a 80 – 100 hp tractor for the smallest harrow.The working results improve as the machine does not have to be lifted at the head of the field, saving...

  • Kivi-Pekka - Multi Cultivator

    Kivi-Pekka - Multi Cultivator

    We get a very flexible result on the field, because this machine combines two cultivation units in one. They also work independent from each other if needed. This is giving You flexibility in all kinds of conditions.

  • Kivi-Pekka - Model 700 - Roller

    Kivi-Pekka - Model 700 - Roller

    The KIVI-PEKKA roller is a new design to work on grasslands and fields which easily gets broken by other roller types. The special made rubber drum avoids damages when hitting a stone and soften hits on the bearings. With this construction we save those damages on the Cambridge rollers and bearings, also a lot in time and money ! With the KIVI-PEKKA roller You achieve a normal , leveled field construction and pushes the rocks back in the ground. The...

  • Livakka

  • Kivi-Pekka - Slurry Injector

    Kivi-Pekka - Slurry Injector

    The KIVI-PEKKA Slurry Injector is an innovative and environmentally friendly way of delivering slurry to Your fields. More durable than other available solutions, the frame is hitched up to the axles of the tank.