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  • Vine Growing

  • Pellenc - Multifunction Optimum Carrier

    Pellenc - Multifunction Optimum Carrier

    Unrivalled work quality. Performance, comfort and ease of handling. In the mid 1990s, we were looking for solutions to optimise the amortisation of our harvesting machines, and in 1996 we bought our first PELLENC multifunction carrier. We were so satisfactied that we now own 35 PELLENC carriers, each of which do pre-pruning, spreading, leaf stripping, spraying and harvesting work. Our carriers accomplish 800 h of work per year on average, our...

  • Pellenc - Multifunction Front Arm and Weight Holder Carriers

    Pellenc - Multifunction Front Arm and Weight Holder Carriers

    A single connection point for the hydraulic push-pulls and electrical outlets at shoulder height (same as with the MULTIVITI chassis). Automatic recognition of coupled tools. Automatic reallocation of commands on the joystick and the EASY TOUCH Multifunction console for the tools connected.

  • Pellenc - Multifunction Tool Carrier

    Pellenc - Multifunction Tool Carrier

    Adjustment of the position of the tools for automatic row entry. Automatic centring of the tools in the rows (sensors). Automation: ground tracking, slope correction and centring at the end of the row.

  • Vineyard Harvesting

  • Optimum - Self Propelled Vineyard Harvesters

    Optimum - Self Propelled Vineyard Harvesters

    With the advent of the OPTIMUM range, PELLENC puts innovation at the service of excellence and performance, for a new approach to viticulture reconciling crop quality, respect for the environment, profitability, and ease of use. As such, each grower will find in the OPTIMUM range of harvesting machines and the multifunction carrier the equipment adapted to their needs as well as the specificities of its vineyard and its exploitation.

  • Fruit Growing

  • Treelion - Pole Tree Pruning Shears

    Treelion - Pole Tree Pruning Shears

    The TREELION range of pruning shears have been designed for professionals looking for power, a large cutting diameter, and productivity, all with outstanding work quality.

  • Prunion - Fruit Tree Pruning Shears

    Prunion - Fruit Tree Pruning Shears

    The PRUNION pruning shear is ideal for growers looking for the most powerful, lightest and most innovative tool on the market. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with. The numerous innovations of this pruning shear make it indispensable for professionals seeking either freedom of movement with the 150P pocket or the possibility to alternate tools with the 250 battery, which allows users to connect two...

  • Pellenc - Olive Harvest Tool

    Pellenc - Olive Harvest Tool

    A professional product, excellent return on investment, ultra-lightweight and offers exceptional handling. Use a PELLENC multifunction battery or a 12 V battery (the kind of battery used in a car) with a converter.

  • Pellenc - Model MAVO - Olive Harvester

    Pellenc - Model MAVO - Olive Harvester

    Specifically developed for super-intensive plantations. The lightest PELLENC carrier on the market with its special olive harvest head (empty weight 10.5 t) ensures undamaged olives and unparalleled work quality.