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  • KMC - Phillips Rotary Harrow

    KMC - Phillips Rotary Harrow

    This unique, patented, tool has many uses for the progressive farmer. It allows for residue management, lump and ridge leveling, seedbed preparation, and more.  The superior staggered tooling design disturbs a higher percentage of soil, leaving an excellent seedbed while retaining valuable moisture.  The tooling is self-cleaning and will not plug up even in heavy, wet residue.  The patented wing-up frame design, allows you to go...

  • Unverferth  - Front-Fold Auger Grain Carts

    Unverferth - Front-Fold Auger Grain Carts

    Since the first Unverferth corner-auger grain cart introduction in 1988, we've been stretching out imaginations to develop a single, corner-auger front-fold grain cart design with the greatest forward, outward and upward reach. The Unverferth models 1315, 1115 and 1015 grain carts are specifically engineered with these goals in mind, which is why they're named X-TREME. All X-TREME™ model grain carts feature a patent-pending auger that allows the...