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  • Baler Twines

  • Piippo - Round Bale Baler Twines

    Piippo - Round Bale Baler Twines

    High quality and real runnage are also typical features of Piippo Round Bale baler twines. Thanks to Piippo´s special firm film technology, Piippo twines offer 10 - 20% longer runnage per kilo with the same or even higher specified breaking strength, compared to the competitors. Thus, Piippo can offer a very competitive meter price without compromising the top quality of the twine.  For example, Piippo Long Champ 850 twine runs...

  • Baling Net Wraps

  • Piippo - Hybrid Baling Net Wrap

    Piippo - Hybrid Baling Net Wrap

    As a result of high quality raw material and distinguished manufacturing process, we can produce probably the strongest net wrap in the market with a breaking strength of 285 kgf – 320 kgf. A lighter weight per gram makes it possible to produce a roll of 4000 m in length and under 43 kg in weight. Furthermore, as the diameter of the roll is less than 29 cm, Hybrid Net Wrap will fit into all types of balers. Thanks to extremely high breaking...