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  • Firewood Processors

    Firewood Processors

    Maximum log diameter  300 mm. Minimum log diameter  50 mm. Firewood length (min–max) 300–650 mm. Weight 700 kg. Cutter blade. Flange 13”/325/1.5 mm/56. Chain  325/1.5 mm/56.

  • Skidding Grapples

    Skidding Grapples

    Efficient short distance transport of logs, firewood and other timber

  • Hydraulic Log Splitters

    Hydraulic Log Splitters

    Split even large logs into two or four pieces.Safe and user-friendly controls. Automatic return mechanism. Adjustable stroke according to timber length. 2-speed valve and extendable bench behind the machine supplied as standard.

  • Timber Grapples

    Timber Grapples

    Compatible with most common loader models. Two sizes (technical information under the pictures). Easy loading, unloading and transport of logs, timber, firewood, bales, etc.

  • Bale Carriers

    Bale Carriers

    Efficient and economic carrying. Two bales at a time. Easy loading and unloading. Rounded shapes ensure that plastic remains intact. Bale diameter 0,85-1,6 m. Max weight 1000kg/bale. Max speed 15 km laden / h