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  • Piper - Model PD340 - Milk Metering & Data Capture Systems

    Piper - Model PD340 - Milk Metering & Data Capture Systems

    The PD 340 flow transmitter is a precision meter for the volumetric measurement of liquids, which are electrically conducting. The meter is hygienic and has a 3-A approval. Designed so that changes in flow profile do not affect accuracy, the meter is accurate over a wide range of flow rates.

  • Piper - Printer

    Piper - Printer

    The printer has been designed to work on milk collection tankers. It is panel mounted and matches the size and shape of the PD681 display and keypad unit. The standard 112mm paper roll is simply loaded from the front and the unit has a built-in tear bar. Printing is fast and clear.

  • Piper - GPS and GPRS Modules

    Piper - GPS and GPRS Modules

    The Piper GPS/GPRS system consists of a PD664 GPRS module, programmable PD601S module with base units, and a marine standard programmable GPS antenna. Automatic farmer or customer identification is made by location. The unit also verifies the location at which any transaction took place. GPRS is used to transmit data back to a server. Because the data transfer channel is always open, data is transmitted back to the server immediately after each...