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  • Mulchers

  • Vertical Axis Mulchers

    Vertical Axis Mulchers

    For 20 years, PLAISANCE EQUIPEMENT build vertical axis mulchers with chains or blades for tractors from 100 up to 300 hp. Single or dual rotor with chains or blades. Large diameter disk increasing inertia. In option, a special rotor allows fitting of chains or blades.

  • Forestry Mulchers - Mulcher Head

    Forestry Mulchers - Mulcher Head

    PLAISANCE EQUIPEMENTS forestry mulchers are all equipped with fixed hammers with carbide spikes that have a significantly longer service-life than that of a treated steel tool. Replacement is quick and easy.

  • Stone Grinders

    Stone Grinders

    PLAISANCE EQUIPEMENTS build stone grinders from wine-growing mulcher to industrial grinder

  • Excavator`s Tools

  • Hydraulic Mulchers

    Hydraulic Mulchers

    PLAISANCE EQUIPEMENTS forestry mulchers can be fitted from 7 to 30 tons excavators. PLAISANCE EQUIPEMENTS' hydraulic mulchers are fit to forestry mulching, in places where tractors can not access. They are equipped with fixed hammers with carbide spikes.

  • Self-propelled Machines