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  • Abutilon (Vitifolium) X Suntense

    Abutilon (Vitifolium) X Suntense

    This frost hardy plant is surely the most desirable of all mallow relatives. Clusters of large, bowl-shaped, pale to deep purple flowers, with the occasional white flowered form, open from late spring to summer over a foil of felted grey-green leaves.

  • Acaena `Fuzzy Heads`

    Acaena `Fuzzy Heads`

    Family: rosaceae. Plant classification: hardy perennial. Minimum height: 15 cm. Maximum height: 23 cm. This previously unreleased plant has romped around our 'Chilean garden' here since we collected it from Chiloe Island, Chile, in 1994.(RB94002) Plum-sized, spiky, brown 'toffee apples' stand erect above a carpet of attractive, divided, green and silver leaves.