Power Trac

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  • Attachments

  • Dirt Bucket

    Dirt Bucket

    Use dirt buckets for heavy materials such as dirt, sand or gravels. Teeth are available for purchase with dirt buckets.

  • Planter Drill Head

    Planter Drill Head

    14'- 36' Planter Augers available. Planter augers are used on 'fixed' heads.

  • Fertilizer Spreader

    Fertilizer Spreader

    Use the fertilizer spreader to distribute salt in the winter and fertilizer in the spring and summer. 2 sizes available.

  • New Products

  • Model T18 & T24 Minihoe - Bolt on Thumb Attachments

    Model T18 & T24 Minihoe - Bolt on Thumb Attachments

    No holes to drill- clamps to tube under cylinder. Adjust distance from bucket to thumb by sliding along tube. Serrated front edge to hold material secure until ready to release. Can grip several pieces at once.

  • Model 29 T3424 & H8 or T8 - Utility Grapple

    Model 29 T3424 & H8 or T8 - Utility Grapple

    Lift Capacity 800 lbs. Good for leveling out dirt & gravel 4' teeth to pry out bushes, roots, rocks, etc. Thin bottom makes it easy to slide under debris Great for handling logs, brush, rocks, fence post, etc.

  • Mowers

  • Boom Mower

    Boom Mower

    Use Boom Mowers to mow areas that are unreachable with a conventional mowing deck.

  • Power Rake

    Power Rake

    Removes rocks and roots from seed bed. Removes old sod to reseed. Fast - over 1 acre per hour. No hand-raking required.

  • Stump Cutter

    Stump Cutter

    22' diameter; Carbide-tip blades. Cut below ground level to remove roots, etc. Replacement teeth available.