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  • Farm & Quad Bike Trailers

    Farm & Quad Bike Trailers

    Our farm and quad bike trailers are designed to withstand the harsh farming environment. They are built lightweight but rugged, to ensure years of continuous use and reliability. The farm trailer has a tipping deck for loading your farm bike, optional collapsible crate, is fully galvanised and comes with 205/65 x 15' wheels. With the ability to be used both off-road behind your four wheeler, or between jobs on the farm behind the ute , this is the...

  • Boat Trailer & Kayak Trailer

    Boat Trailer & Kayak Trailer

    Our boat trailers and kayak trailers are designed to suit everything from a sea kayak, tinny, waka, boat or yacht right upto 9m in length. We can custom build to suit your boat, or build a new boat trailer from your existing one. We also specialize in repairing, rebuilding and reconditioning old boat trailers (depending on their condition). Give us a call to discuss.