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  • Greenhouses

  • Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo Greenhouse

    Venlo greenhouses are traditionally the most well-known and most popular type of greenhouse, equipped with aluminium gutters, deck and wall system. The Venlo greenhouse is constantly being developed and is now available with diverse trellis girders, bay and section sizes. Different air ventilation systems are available, with the option of easily fitting the ventilation windows with insect netting systems. In addition to glass, plastic panels can also...

  • Wide-Span Greenhouse

    Wide-Span Greenhouse

    The wide-span greenhouse is another well known type of greenhouse, also fitted with aluminium gutters, deck and wall system. Larger span widths are possible compared with the Venlo. The wider span results in a higher roof ridge and therefore offers a larger air buffer. In addition to glass, plastic panels can also be used for the deck and the walls in the wide-span greenhouse. This type of greenhouse is perfect for garden centres.

  • Cabrio greenhouse

    Cabrio greenhouse

    The Cabrio greenhouse is a type with the same properties as a Venlo greenhouse, however the Cabrio greenhouse’s deck can be opened completely. The deck opens fully from the hinges at the gutter. This means that the crop can be exposed to external weather conditions at any time. The deck and the walls of the Cabrio greenhouses can be fitted with glass or plastic panels. Cabrio greenhouses are ideal if you want to harden off crops to grow an...

  • Systems and Installations

  • Insect Netting Systems

    Insect Netting Systems

    To keep harmful insects out of the greenhouse Prins group supplies different types of insect netting systems for ventilation windows or walls. Prins Group has developed special profiles into which insect netting systems can be easily fitted. The different types of mesh are available in diverse mesh widths and can therefore be tailored to the species of insect you want to keep out.

  • Screen Systems

    Screen Systems

    There are different types of screen systems and many different types of screen cloth. The choice of screen cloth is determined by the question: what do you want to achieve with the screen system? Many production greenhouses use wire systems with aluminium profiles and slip blocks. The slip blocks are used to prevent cracks forming in the system and also to create a uniform gap in the screen to allow humidity to escape.. Because greenhouses are...

  • Electrical Systems

    Electrical Systems

    Electrical systems are the beating heart of a modern greenhouse horticulture business. At Prins Group we feel right at home when it comes to any innovations that appear in the field of electrical engineering. With expert knowledge of the subject we are also able to assess the added value offered by any new innovation. We work with the best brands that have proven their reliability. We can supply you with any components included in an electrical...

  • Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation Systems

    The crop’s yield is largely dependent on optimal water supplies. The very latest irrigation technology ensures that supplies of water and fertiliser are perfectly regulated. Prins Group possesses all the expertise in-house to supply irrigation systems for your greenhouse horticulture business, including their installation. We use our years of experience and knowledge to design your tailor-made irrigation system, which is seamlessly integrated in...