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  • Model F488 - Rotating Brushes

    Model F488 - Rotating Brushes

    Innovation, at your service. Worldwide patent. After 25 years of activity, we are proud to introduce you to our newest product: the F488 teat scrubber. This is a completely renewed and re-designed version of our original F60 teat scrubber, with unparalleled new features that make this scrubber an outstanding product. Its four rotating brushes are ideal to wash and thoroughly cleanse every kind of teat: long, short, straight or bent.

  • Model F60 - Teat Scrubbers

    Model F60 - Teat Scrubbers

    Easy to use and versatile, it is a great tool in the dairyman’s hands. Learn how to enhance your parlor productivity and make your routine more consistent. Highest quality milk comes from healthy cows. A healthy herd produces more milk and allows you the time to focus on your herd management priorities. Reducing prepping time and increasing prepping consistency will have a quick, positive impact on your bottom line.

  • Foot Brush

    Foot Brush

    Lame cows are a loss for your dairy. Try our revolutionary hoof care system to dramatically improve your cows hoof health! Our footbath is revolutionary in the field of hoof care systems, as it provides the best cleaning action ever, with the lowest chemical product consumption. Our brushes clean the hoof thouroughly, and especially the interdigital space, where most pathogens hide and are so difficult to remove.

  • Dip & Spray System

    Dip & Spray System

    The Dip&Spray is a post dipping device that works with compressed air and allows to either dip teats or spray for a complete and hygienic teat coverage. Easy to install and to use, it drastically reduces the risks of bacterial contamination after milking. It has a renewed dip cup and spray gun, which make sure to cover each teat completely and quickly for post milking procedures.

  • Puli-Sistem - Latex Mattresses

    Puli-Sistem - Latex Mattresses

    Promote natural cow behavior and well-being. Puli-sistem Latex Mattresses follow an innovative design that is meant to guarantee the right balance between softness and resistance. Thanks to their special structure, our Latex Mattresses are able to absorb loads of any kind without deforming. They always go back to their original thickness.