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  • Model RTC-01 - Rigid Type Fixed Cultivators

    Model RTC-01 - Rigid Type Fixed Cultivators

    Our rigid cultivator posses sturdy construction and are capable to withstand tough working conditions at heavy soils. These can break up hard soil efficiently & perfectly, and uproot stubbles to leave the ground perfectly worked. We offer Rigid Type Fixed Cultivators and Rigid Clamp Type Cultivators in varied grades.

  • Subsoiler Chisel Plough

    Subsoiler Chisel Plough

    Removing draught or removing stumps or rocks. Digging up hard ground Triple sealed bearings. Below Shovels easily replaceable & are fully hardened. Maximum Penetration 1.2 meters. In this Implement from 1 to 5 Rows are available Tractor Horse Power required - 35 HP per Row 3 point linkage - Category 2 Nuts & Bolts - High Tensile.