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  • SEAWINNER  - Model 818 - Bio-Root Promoter

    SEAWINNER - Model 818 - Bio-Root Promoter

    Product feature: Dark brown liquid, pH: 6-8, specific gravity: 1.15-1.20. Efficacy: Promote growth of plant root system, enhance root resistance to bacteria and disease, fertilize the soil and inhibit harmful bacteria; increase seed germination rate; reduce pesticide residue. Applicable crops: cotton, rice, corn, wheat, vegetable, watermelon, melon, fruit trees. Application: For soybean, cotton, corn, wheat etc. Apply in seedling stage. Irrigate root...

  • SEAWINNER  - Concentrated Mushy Fertilizer

    SEAWINNER - Concentrated Mushy Fertilizer

    Product feature: Dark brown, micro-floating, water soluble. Efficacy:  Slow-release fertilizer.Has prompt and lasting fertilizer efficiency,enhance plants resistance to disease and drought,improve crops quality and increase yield. Application: Drip Irrigation: Diluted by 1:200-300, apply 3~4 times at intervals of 7-15 days in growing period.Dosage:35-50L/ha. Validity: Two years. Packing: 10kgs/pail.