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  • Standard & Custom Generator Trailers

    Standard & Custom Generator Trailers

    We specialize in the production of custom built heavy-duty generator trailers. We also manufacture skids, single or double wall, and in-frame fuel tanks. Our commitment is to provide high quality generator trailers, designed to your specifications, at an affordable price. All work is done in-house without outsourcing. Single or multiple generator trailer orders can be quoted, based on your needs. Please review our various models below, as well as the...

  • Tree Spade

    Tree Spade

    With the Dirt Works Tree Spade, your skid steer loader can be converted into a transplanting unit. Increase production and dramatically reduce manual labor costs. Designed for profit conscious owners, this transplant unit is economical, rugged and durable. Thoroughly tested in a variety of soil conditions, the Dirt Works Tree Spade not only digs trees, it also loads them on a truck or trailer in minutes.

  • Bobcat - Land Plane Landscape Rake

    Bobcat - Land Plane Landscape Rake

    The DIRT WORKS Multi-Directional Land Plane will save you endless hours of back-breaking hand raking. It is an excellent addition to your skid steer attachment options and is an economical alternative to other land plane attachments available on the market. Our expanded metal grate bucket has 21 bolt-on hardened chisel spike teeth to grade and level in forward and reverse.

  • Grapple Buckets

  • Model 72 - Rock Bucket

    Model 72 - Rock Bucket

    The NEW DIRT WORKS 72' Rock Bucket is a utility skid steer attachment. Ideal for all material handling, including logs, stumps and large rocks; while allowing dirt and small debris to fall through the tines. This is a very efficient and economical way to remove rocks from fields prior to new plantings and clear brush and debris out of old and newly cleared wooded areas.

  • Model 48 - Grapple Bucket - Flat Bottom

    Model 48 - Grapple Bucket - Flat Bottom

    The DIRT WORKS 48' Flat Bottom Grapple Bucket is ideal for all material handling, including logs, stumps, rocks, trash, or any material you need to keep in the bucket. Don't need a larger grapple bucket? This smaller version can still handle some larger material but for only the fraction of the price of a larger bucket.