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  • Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human - Respirometry- Animal

  • Gas Switching Systems (GSS)

    Gas Switching Systems (GSS)

    Qubit Gas Switching Systems have been designed to work with Q-Box Packages to allow measurements of gas exchange from multiple samples.  Our Gas Switching Systems allow monitoring of up to 8 different channels with a single Q-Box system such as Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration Package, Q-Box RP2LP High Range Respiration Package, and up to 4 different samples with Q-Box NF1LP Nitrogen Fixation Package and Q-Box CO650 Plant CO2 Analysis ...

  • Animal, Insect, Aquatic, Human - Electrophysiology

  • Model Q-S207 - Electrocardiogram/Electromyogram Sensor (EKG/EMG)

    Model Q-S207 - Electrocardiogram/Electromyogram Sensor (EKG/EMG)

    Qubit Systems’ surface Q-S207 Electrocardiogram/Electromyogram (EKG/EMG) Sensor measures voltage waveforms produced during the contraction of the heart (EKG) as well as during other muscle contraction (EMG). The action potential during heart muscle contraction or other muscles’ contraction can be recorded by surface electrodes as electrical activity at skin surface. The electrical signal is recorded by C610 LabQuest Mini...