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  • Model EconoSpread - Spreaders

    Model EconoSpread - Spreaders

    This model provides an economically viable option for the small to medium-scale farmer wanting to spread a full range of materials. This class of spreaders is able to spread from extremely low rates of various fertilisers, to medium and high rates of agricultural lime and gypsum, as well as low-to-medium rates of dry organic materials.

  • Dual Tine Ripper

    Dual Tine Ripper

    During their research and development campaigns in conjunction with the former Agricultural Technical Services, Radium identified a need for deep-rip traffic control applications in some parts of South Africa. The initial tests showed that when ripping in specific soil types, in this case sandy soils, when tines penetrated deeper than 500 mm, a compaction layer could form from the bottom upwards, causing a tunnel-like effect deep below the surface,...