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  • Lawn Sprinklers- Sprinklers System

  • Drip Irrigation Systems

    Drip Irrigation Systems

    Now drip watering for your container plants, roses and seasonal color can be added to your existing sprinkler system. During hot weather, potted plants require constant care. And the traditional method of hose watering often results in “drench and drought” conditions that make for sickly plants. Our technicians can run small drip tubes to each container or plant location so water is applied each time sprinklers operate. Your plants will...

  • Hos Enclosure

    Hos Enclosure

    Rain Rich is now offering installation of a new product HosEnclosure for your Long Island home or property! There is a great new product on the market that hides the hose and connections underground. It is great for areas where you do not want to see the hose such as along patios, driveways, and pools. It saves space and is always readily available for use. It’s simple & easy for us to install and can be connected to most...

  • Rachio - Sprinkler Controller

    Rachio - Sprinkler Controller

    Introducing Rachio, one of the smartest irrigation controllers on the market which connects to your sprinkler system and allows you to effortlessly manage your system from your smartphone or tablet.

  • Outdoor Lighting

  • LED 3D Lights

    LED 3D Lights

    Spread some Christmas cheer and create a winter wonderland scene with our beautiful pre-lit LED 3D lights. Rain Rich will brighten up your Long Island home with our beautiful selection of pre-lit LED 3D lights including candy canes, snowflakes, and 3D Starbursts.