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  • Bale Feeders for Cattle

  • Bale Feeder/Calf Shelter

    Bale Feeder/Calf Shelter

    Cows feed out of 14' two bale feeder while calves keep warm and safely not underfoot in the 10' calf shelter. When bales are almost gone just slide the calf shelter over the remaining hay for fresh bedding for the calves. The Bale Feeder will save you hay and the whole unit is 'Built Stronger to Last Longer' like all Rancher's products.

  • Horse Bale Feeders

  • Tombstone Bale Feeder

    Tombstone Bale Feeder

    Tombstone Bale Feeders are made with heavy duty pipe and square tubing that can't be bent or broke. It has the raised ends for easy moving. You can get the Tombstone Bale Feeder as a one bale feeder or a two bale feeder.

  • Basket Horse Feeder

    Basket Horse Feeder

    The Basket Horse Feeder was designed from a customer's idea. He wanted to be able to feed his horses and not have a large hay loss. He wanted to make sure their manes were not going to be rubbed off too. So we designed this Basket Horse Feeder with all those ideas in mind and based it off of our Hay Saving Bale Feeders. This is built with heavy duty pipe and will last you for years to come. You can get it as a one bale or two bale.

  • Calving Pen

  • Folding Calving Pen

    Folding Calving Pen

    The Folding Calving Pen was built to save on shipping space and costs. It has evolved into a favorite product for Ranchers too. You can take the Folding Calving Pen and slide it into your barn without having to take down any stalls to install it. Slide it in, unfold it and use it just like the standard Calving Pen.

  • Grain Trough and Bottomless Silage Trough

  • Grain Trough

    Grain Trough

    12ga. steel trough Average weight is 500lbs 28' to top of the bunk.

  • Bottomless Silage Trough

    Bottomless Silage Trough

    Frame is 2 3/8 pipe and the sheeting is 14ga. steel. Built wider on the bottom for less waste, easier clean-up, stacking and storing. This unit can be painted or unpainted.

  • Fence Line Feed Bunks and Fence Line Feed Panels

  • Fence Line - Feed Bunk

    Fence Line - Feed Bunk

    Raised 5' off the ground .  Easily installed right on the ground.  Adjustable height neck bar. Average weight is 1200lbs. The feed bunk features a heavy duty frame and a 14ga trough. These feed bunks have a level fill capacity of 72cft.  With a trough opening of close to 3 feet, filling with your feed wagon will be a breeze....

  • Fence Line  - Feed Panel

    Fence Line - Feed Panel

    Fence Line Feed Panels are available in a standard length of 24'. Different sizes can be made to accommodate your spacing requirements. The neck bars are fully adjustable for up and down spacing. Entry height is 22' for smaller calves to use. Easily installed right on the ground or your cement pad.  Optional legs for panels are available.