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  • Agricultural Products

  • Model FR Series - Power Harrow – Fixed and Folding

    Model FR Series - Power Harrow – Fixed and Folding

    Available in working widths from 2.00m through to 7.00m, these machines are exceptionally heavy duty to withstand the toughest of conditions. New generation gearboxes come with standard rear PTO shafts and some with alternate speed selectors. The ideal number of rotors and tine design allows for easy soil movement and ground penetration which both contribute to lower power absorption. The tines are reversible and quick change. The various options of...

  • Model F3, F4c & F5c - Rotavator

    Model F3, F4c & F5c - Rotavator

    With working widths up to 3.00m, the Forigo rotavators are available in different builds for different power requirements. 540 or 1000rpm gearboxes come with interchangeable gears sets to provide a rotor speed to suit different soil types and power is transmitted to the rotor by heavy series roller chain running in an oil bath. Gear drive is available with lateral hardened gears to further enhance the excellent performance. You have a choice of rotor...

  • Model G35 & G45  - Stone Burier

    Model G35 & G45 - Stone Burier

    Available in two ranges, G35 working from 1.30m up to 2.50m and G45 working from 1.70m up to 4.20m. Power requirement is from 50hp increasing to 200hp for the largest model. All machines incorporate a heavy chain drive and from 3.00m, a double drive transmission is used, drive taken to both ends of the rotor. The rear rake is spring loaded to allow stones, grass and debris to fall into the furrow formed by the blades and the fine soil to pass through...

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  • Heavy Duty Rakes

  • Model HDY16 - Heavy Duty Rakes

    Model HDY16 - Heavy Duty Rakes

    The HDY Series Heavy Duty Rake has an extremely robust structure, as regards both the wings and the drawbar.All frame components have flexible couplings, allowing maximum machine adjustment for rough and difficult terrains. The rear part of the machine makes it possible to form a wide windrow with abundant hay or to form two windrows side by side. Windrow widths from 45' to 78' can be obtained. The rake wheel arms and hubs are equipped with heavy duty...


  • Model 2G - ROTARY TEDDER

    Model 2G - ROTARY TEDDER

    The SITREX Tedders are ideal machines to spread, air and turn all types of forage in any type of terrain. Due to the number of models available and its versatility, the SITREX Tedder has been used for over 30 years in small and large farms and has been found efficient and reliable. The Tedder allows a perfect and even spreading of forage. Tines pick up a small quantity of forage on every turn of the rotor and lay forage on the ground perfectly aired...


  • Model GS190 - Belt Rake

    Model GS190 - Belt Rake

    Works quickly on any green or dry forage without damaging it thanks to the perfect elasticity of the tines which adhere to any type of soil permitting an excellent cleaning during the raking and moving phases. The windrow formed by the SITREX belt rake is never a long braid but rather a soft and light windrow. Exceptional performance in turning any kind of forage even at high forward speeds. All the ball bearings are watertight and require no...


  • SITREX - Model DM4 Series - Disc Mowers

    SITREX - Model DM4 Series - Disc Mowers

    This SITREX mowers range, including 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - discs machines, fits the requirements of small and large farms. The DM4 Disc mower, with 4 discs and 1.67m / 65' 3/4 working width is especially suitable for small farms. The DM5 Disc mower, with 5 discs and 2.05 m / 80' 3/4 working width has the peculiarity of two inner discs which turn to the same direction. This allows to obtain a narrower windrow which avoids the tractor running over the mowed...