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  • Compact Equipment

    Compact Equipment

    There are times when the big stuff just won’t do the job like a small, maneuverable machine. Good thing RDO Equipment Co. carries the full lineup of John Deere compact equipment that can provide the right amount of muscle in a small, nimble package

  • Lawn & Garden Equipment

    Lawn & Garden Equipment

    From the beginning, every 100 Series Tractor is made right. With The Edge™ Cutting System, a 3-in-1 deck, you can choose between mulching, bagging, and side-discharging. The stamped deck design completely lifts grass for a precise, even cut. And you can find the precise mowing height every time, thanks to the ¼-inch height of cut adjustment.

Products by Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc.

  • Flexxifinger - QD Pulse Crop Lifter

    Flexxifinger - QD Pulse Crop Lifter

    Design: The Flexxifinger QD Pulse Crop Lifter was originally designed for straight combining in desiccated crops like peas, lentils, and edible beans, where cutting close to the ground is required. The lifter rail hugs the guard, and the replaceable nylon finger is held in an infinitely adjustable receptor, allowing the combine operator to fine-tune the location of the forward lifting point for his specific conditions. The finger extends through the...

  • Flexxifinger  - Model QD HD - (Heavy-Duty) Lifter

    Flexxifinger - Model QD HD - (Heavy-Duty) Lifter

    Just in time for the start of the 2011 production year, Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. is pleased to introduce the release of our brand new HD (Heavy-Duty) Lifter - a hybrid design integrating the concept of our award-winning Pulse Crop Lifter with three longer and thicker nylon fingers. After months of customer trials and overwhelming positive feedback, the HD Lifter comes highly recommended for a variety of cereal crops, including those damaged by...

  • Flexxifinger - Model QD - MidCut Lifter

    Flexxifinger - Model QD - MidCut Lifter

    Design - The MidCut crop lifter is designed to salvage cereal crops damaged by hail or sawfly. It allows the operator to pick up low-lying crop, leaving taller stubble (approximately 5' to 6.5' high) to help trap snow and prevent erosion from wind and water.

  • Flexxifinger - Model QD - HighCut Lifter

    Flexxifinger - Model QD - HighCut Lifter

    The Flexxifinger QD HighCut Lifter employs a design similar in concept to many other spring steel lifters on the market, but offers a number of features unmatched in the industry.

  • Flexxifinger - Model QD - Flexxifloat Lifter

    Flexxifinger - Model QD - Flexxifloat Lifter

    Design - the FlexxiFloat crop lifter is a series of lifters designed specifically for use where ground conditions are uneven. These lifters will follow the fluctuations of the ground. One base rail model of FlexxiFloat lifter fits all guards that have a guard finger in front of the knife, except JD stubby guard H213398. Guard H213398 can be replaced with guard H213405 which will accept the FlexxiFloat lifter. With 5 interchangeable shoes, two...

Products by Wil-Rich

  • Primary Tillage

  • Wil-Rich - Model 657 DCR - Combination Disc Chisel

    Wil-Rich - Model 657 DCR - Combination Disc Chisel

    The Award-Winning Wil-Rich 657 DCR (Disc, Chisel) is the outstanding performer for today's farmer. The 657 was named by Farm Industry News' readers as one of the best, most innovative products of 2006 and was one of the recipients of the 2006 FinOvation award. The 657 DCR is available with a hydraulic depth control cutting gang. The 20 inch diameter cutting blades can be your choice of smooth blades, for slicing residue, allowing more residue to...

  • Wil-Rich - Model 2500 Series - Chisel Plows

    Wil-Rich - Model 2500 Series - Chisel Plows

    Chisel PlowFor more than 40 years, Wil-Rich has incorporated its philosophy of continuous improvement into each new series of chisel plows. This tradition continues with the introduction of the 2500 Series Chisel Plow! Our engineers developed the 2500 Series to integrate a more refined design into the first new chisel plow released in almost a decade.

  • Wil-Rich - Model 614NT - Tandem Disc Harrow

    Wil-Rich - Model 614NT - Tandem Disc Harrow

    The 614 heavy duty disc has the weight per blade (average 327 lbs. per blade) and the blade spacing (10') to get through the heaviest corn residue and to get deep enough to bury and mix trash that will allow you to make a seedbed with minimum spring tillage. Standard 5/16' x 26' smooth disc blades will get you through even the most difficult conditions. Important options such as a 5/8' 3 bar coil tine harrow or two bar coil tine with flat bar basket...

  • Wil Rich - Model 357 - Inline Rippers

    Wil Rich - Model 357 - Inline Rippers

    With the 357 Inline Ripper, you determine furrow size and surface residue by combining different shanks and points and adjusting your operating speed.

  • Secondary Tillage

  • Wil Rich - Soil Finisher

    Wil Rich - Soil Finisher

    Deep 5-bar frame with 31 inches between ranks allows the Soil Finisher to operate in high residue conditions without plugging. With 125 inches between the front and rear row of shanks, combined with 9 inch shank spacing, gives you another way to save time and fuel with a one pass disk cultivator. The Soil Finisher is an excellent choice for your seedbed preparation and chemical incorporation.

  • Wil Rich - Model 80-foot QX2 - Field Cultivators

    Wil Rich - Model 80-foot QX2 - Field Cultivators

    The Wil-Rich 80-foot QX2 field cultivator is the largest piece of tillage equipment ever built by Wil-Rich. Strong enough to hold up to the challenges of the toughest field conditions and high horsepower tractors of today and tomorrow, the 80-foot QX2 sheds unnecessary weight with an efficient frame design. The Wil-Rich 80-foot QX2 features a unique hitch system. In the field, the floating hitch pivots between the tractor and the main frame, allowing...

  • Wil Rich - Harrows

    Wil Rich - Harrows

    Wil-Rich offers a full line of finishing attachments to match our primary and secondary tillage tools. For our primary tillage tools we offer 5-bar spike tooth harrow, 3-bar coil tine harrow and 2-bar coil tine harrow with a flat bar basket. For our secondary tillage tools we offer a 5-bar spike tooth harrow, 4-bar coil tine harrow, 3-bar spike tooth with round or flat bar basket and 3-bar coil tine with round of flat bar basket. With three choices of...

  • Other Implements

  • Wil Rich - Heavy Tool Bar

    Wil Rich - Heavy Tool Bar

    Folding Tool Bar 5This heavy tool bar can be used in a variety of applications. This forward folding toolbar can be used for strip till or planting. The frame is built to carry a heavy payload whether it is seed or fertilzer. Rubber tracks allow you to operate with less compaction. Save time by not having to stop and fill as often. The Wil-Rich 10K Folding Tool Bar is an excellent choice for your strip till and planting needs.

Products by Crary Industries, Inc

  • Agricultural- Harvesting

  • Reel System

    Reel System

    Crary is the only company that can offer you a complete reel system, equipped with high velocity air! We've been developing our air systems for more than 20 years, which means at Crary 'We definitely know Air flow'.  We also know, that the most efficient thrashing comes from an evenly fed harvester.  A constant, even flow of material in, leads to the most efficient grain separation.  Poor feeding, bunching at the cutter bar...

  • Wind System

    Wind System

    Changing weather patterns, high winds or a dry growing season can really take its toll on your yield potential.  Do not let short, weather damaged or late season harvesting cause even more yield loss by poor feeding or shattering at the cutter bar. Maximize your crops potential by adding Crary Wind System (CWS) to your header.  By adding a CWS, you can continue using your factory reel while experiencing the profit saving benefits of adding a...

  • Potato Equipment- Planting

  • Lockwood  - Belted Cup Planters

    Lockwood - Belted Cup Planters

    The right combination of value, quality and durability. Getting the features you expect at a price you can afford. Rely on the accuracy of our new belted cup planters!

  • Lockwood  - Pick Planters

    Lockwood - Pick Planters

    Accuracy and seed spacing are the standard in achieving high yielding stands.  Include Lockwood's dependability and unsurpassed ground speed and you have crafted a higher level of productivity.

  • Lockwood  - Air Cup Planters

    Lockwood - Air Cup Planters

    Lockwood's Air Cup Planter is faster, more dependable and delivers seed spacing like you planted each seed by hand.

  • Potato Equipment- Windrowing

  • Lockwood  - Model 554 XTS  - Windrower

    Lockwood - Model 554 XTS - Windrower

    The extended cleaning table along with the longer frame are the perfect formula for better cleaning.  Capable of fitting a full width star table or stone table in the secondary.

  • Lockwood  - Model 552 & 554 - Windrower

    Lockwood - Model 552 & 554 - Windrower

    Save both time and money utilizing Lockwood's superior separation capabilities!  Use less horsepower and increase your harvesting capacity while minimizing your fleet costs.

  • Potato Equipment- Harvesting

  • Lockwood - Model 472  - Air Harvester

    Lockwood - Model 472 - Air Harvester

    This high-capacity harvester is able to handle high volumes of potatoes while maintaining minimal bruising.  Combined with Lockwood's efficient rock removal system, this machine is sure to increase profits.

Products by Dion-Ag Inc.

  • Forage Harvester

  • Model F-41 - Rotary Corn Head Forage Harvester

    Model F-41 - Rotary Corn Head Forage Harvester

    The industry’s quickest, simplest, 1 sided, 1 bolt shearbar adjustment is an EXCLUSIVE DION DESIGN! Dion reversible shearbars are hardened for added strength & longevity. Both cutting edges are tungsten carbide coated creating a self-sharpening wear pattern for consistent chop quality.

  • Stinger - Model F-41 - Forage Harvester

    Stinger - Model F-41 - Forage Harvester

    Easily load to the left or right, the stinger raises up to a height of 18.5’ (5.6 m) with a length of 18’ (5.5 m) and offers 280° rotation with a 4 m minimum reach. The modular design is convertible from the side loading to a trailed loading configuration.

  • Rotary Corn Head

  • Model F61 - Rotary Corn Head

    Model F61 - Rotary Corn Head

    The only rotary corn head for pull-type forage harvester on the market. 3 m wide (10’), 4 rows of 30”. For tractors from 130 to 300 hp.

  • Model F63 - Rotary Corn Head

    Model F63 - Rotary Corn Head

    Model for self-propelled forage harvester. 3 m wide (10') or, 4 rows of 30''. Available for JD and NH harvester.

  • Model F64 - Rotary Corn Head

    Model F64 - Rotary Corn Head

    The only rotary corn head for pull-type forage harvester on the market. 2,25 m wide (90'), 3 rows of 30”. For tractors from 120 to 240 hp.

  • Other Products

  • Model XL/XLT/XLS & XLN  - Forage Box

    Model XL/XLT/XLS & XLN - Forage Box

    More upright posts aren’t always the best solution for rigidity. Dion engineers opted instead for a system of ‘tie  rods’ that connect both sides of the box, through the frame, at each upright post. This in conjunction with 20 ga  Galvalume  with 3/4” (91.9 cm) ribbing, results in remarkable rigidity. On top of that, at every rib, self-locking nuts and bolts ensure years of durability

  • Model S 55 & S55 HO - Forage Blower

    Model S 55 & S55 HO - Forage Blower

    The auger is driven by 2 sets of double 5VX type V-belts on cast iron pulleys. The feed auger has a 2” Ø drive shaft mounted on 2 cast iron, NTN, flanged ball bearings. The large 14” Ø with 10” pitch (optional 16” Ø with 16” pitch) auger ensures a positive and even feed to the fan. The throw-out clutch is efficient, easily accessible and safe.

  • Model 6096 - Windrow Inverter

    Model 6096 - Windrow Inverter

    Dion’s swath turner does more than just deflecting swath, it replaces curing and swathing. On the first pass, the windrow inverter is moved on a dry ground and turned completely to expose the moist side. The sun takes care of the drying. A second pass allows the swath to dry completely and brings together dry hay when needed. The lifter lifts the windrow inverter smoothly without picking up any soil or rock. The conveyor belt maintains the...

  • Farm Wagon

    Farm Wagon

    Spring balancer for ease and convenience of hook-up. Steering assembly mounted on “Timken” tapered roller bearings. Direction mounted on greasable automotive style ball joints. Turning radius and dragging have been reduced with these new spindle angles. Two-position self-locking telescopic pole. Double reach feature (except HD140). From 12 to 20 ton capacity.

Products by Stoess Manufacturing, Inc.

  • Model R&R - Subsoiler

    Model R&R - Subsoiler

    The R&R Subsoiler has been shipped around the world  and used in a variety of applications. The Original Stoneville Parabolic Shank has established the reputation for being the easiest pulling shank in the industry! It has demonstrated the ability to reduce draft requirements up to 60% over other conventionally designed shanks.  When combined with the 'Drawn V' frame, the R&R Subsoilers have produced twice the acreage per day as...

  • Split-Half  Spiders

    Split-Half Spiders

    Two-part spiders simplify changing worn and broken spiders on skewtreaders and mulchers. These feature two half bodies held together with four nuts and bolts making installation quick and easy! Two-part spiders come with our own Mielke Mulcher, but can also be purchased separately to replace spiders on your current skewtreader or mulcher.

  • TIC - Transportable Implement Cart

    TIC - Transportable Implement Cart

    The TIC is a heavy duty cart used both to pull and to transport harrows, weeders, packers, and more.    The cart is designed to fold easily from field to transport position in a matter of minutes allowing the harrow, weeder, or packer to be transported down the road to another field.

  • Model S&M - Drill Points

    Model S&M - Drill Points

    Seed and fertilize your crop at the same time using S&M Drill Points. These replaceable inserts allow seed and fertilizer separation at either 1-3/8', 1-5/8', or 2'. S&M Drill Points fit John Deere Split Packers. They are available in single or double fertilizer tubes.

  • Stoess - Model 4000 - Hydra Rod Weeder

    Stoess - Model 4000 - Hydra Rod Weeder

    After four years of development and field testing, the Hydra-Rod 4000 is in production. This is the first independent center driver rod weeder for today's larger hydraulic capacity tractors. Currently it is available in 10-1/2 foot and 12 foot widths. We may have a 14 foot width available in the future. Ask about it if you are interested. The HYDRA-ROD 4000 is rugged, simple, and very adjustable to meet your particular needs.

  • Mielke - Mulcher

    Mielke - Mulcher

    The World's Only Transportable Skewtreader. Hydraulic, foldable wings for ease of transport and spot applications. Aerates soil, standardizes clod size, leaves workable-length stubble on top. Variable skew-angle adjustments allows for changing soil conditions. Heavy enough to penetrate hard soil; tire floatation results in even mulch depth.

Products by RoadHog, Inc.

  • Engine Driven

  • RoadHogs - Tractor Loader Backhoe

    RoadHogs - Tractor Loader Backhoe

    Our family of tractor loader backhoe RoadHogs offers high production at a substantially lower cost than a traditional dedicated milling machine in many applications. These machines are widely used around the US and abroad for small to medium sized milling projects, which include milling city streets prior to overlay and in-place recycling of parking lots.