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  • Kit & Erected Buildings

  • Dairy Housing

    Dairy Housing

    R.E. Buildings have become renowned for many years not just for building dairy housing, but for being heavily involved in the design layout. We also manufacture several designs of dairy housing cubicles and feed barriers etc. We have gained an extensive knowledge of what works well and most importantly what doesn’t. But what has made us real leaders in the field of dairy housing is our extensive knowledge of ventilation with the light ridge and...

  • Beef Housing

    Beef Housing

    At R.E. Buildings our extensive knowledge and understanding of stocking densities and penning means we can help you create a tailor made building for every possible need in terms of beef housing. We can provide a variety of options for such constructions, and are committed to working closely alongside our customers to maximise the effectiveness of our housing at all times.

  • Sheep Housing & Sheep Sheds

    Sheep Housing & Sheep Sheds

    We offer an excellent array of sheep housing solutions, from large sheep buildings to more modest sheep sheds. From lambing to fattening we can supply the necessary structures to create cost effective and labour saving sheep housing. All our designs are intended to keep your sheep within the best possible conditions, providing a light and well ventilated environment, with all the necessary safety considerations included.

  • Open & Closed Silage Clamps

    Open & Closed Silage Clamps

    At R.E. Buildings we offer any specification of silage clamp whether you require open or covered. We produce clamps to accommodate pre-stressed concrete panels or shuttered walls. Our pre-stressed  concrete panels are extremely damage resistant with the ability to flex & ride impact from machinery. Panels can be cast in any length required by the customer & supplied with the fixtures & fittings needed for easy...

  • Crop Storage Buildings

    Crop Storage Buildings

    Whatever your requirements in terms of crop storage buildings, we can design, manufacture and supply a grain building incorporating the latest cladding materials and concrete products. With us, you can rest assured that you’re getting a crop storage system of the highest possible standard.

  • Livestock Equipment

  • Arntjen - Climate Controlled Curtain

    Arntjen - Climate Controlled Curtain

    As well as designing and constructing animal housing, here at R.E. Buildings we can also provide the essential equipment and considerations to ensure that your housing is as efficient as possible. One essential area to be considered in animal housing is a competent method of climate control. A particularly effective option is an Arntjen climate control curtain. These curtains provide year round comfort in all kinds of weather...

  • Arntjen - Ventilating Light Ridge

    Arntjen - Ventilating Light Ridge

    A bright, naturally lit building with a constant supply of fresh air is essential to maximise herd health and performance. The Arntjen Light Ridge enables 4 times more natural light to enter the building. whilst allowing warm air to escape through ventilating air gaps. Used in conjunction with the Arntjen climate controlled curtain, the Arntjen Light Ridge is proven to have revolutionized cattle buildings all over Europe. Keeping a...

  • Internal Agricultural Equipment

    Internal Agricultural Equipment

    R.E. Buildings are specialists when it comes to designing, manufacturing and distributing high quality internal agricultural equipment to suit all of your needs. This equipment includes livestock cubicles, handling systems and livestock welfare solutions, and all of it is especially chosen for its proven standards of performance.

  • Livestock Watering Systems

    Livestock Watering Systems

    A comprehensive selection of differing livestock watering systems are available. Each provides livestock with a constant supply of clean, oxygenated water which maximises production performance.

  • Schurr Two Brushes System

    Schurr Two Brushes System

    The Schurr two brush system has been developed for use in the loafing area of farms, with a brush for cows and one for calves, pigs and goats. Also to ensure clean boots, the Schurr boot brush is the perfect solution.

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  • Curtain Systems

    Curtain Systems

    The climate in a modern cubicle barn must accommodate the requirements of the dairy cows 100 percent. 'Since the cattle has the nature of a polar animal' (quote, Grauvogel 1994), it prefers dry and cold environments to heat and humidity. A lack of fresh air means:

  • Door System

    Door System

    Arntjen has the right door system for every specific purpose. The technology integrated into our folding doors is safe and convenientand can easily be controlled with a remote control. They have proven fit for practical use for many years. One drawback is, however,that each meter of passage height requires approx. 17 cm of storage space as the folding door is folded together when opening. This does not pose a problem in tall...

  • Ventilation and Exhaust Systems for Cubicle Barns

    Ventilation and Exhaust Systems for Cubicle Barns

    The extraction of exhausted air is just as important as the supply of fresh air. This is because the volume of air that can be supplied can only be as great as the volume of vented or extracted air. An efficient venting system ensures that water vapor and, thereby, germs, ammonium, CO2 and other harmful gases are continuously extracted from the stable. Only a shed that is virtually free of harmful gases will allow a cow to perform at its best.Our...

  • LED Light

    LED Light

    Cattle barns underwent a great deal of modernization over the last few years both in terms of design and equipment. However, there is one area that has remained largely unaffected: lighting technology. The new LED-TRIPLEX-LAMP represents a major leap forward as far as providing the best possible lighting conditions! It is now sufficient to install one row of lamps in barns with a width of up to 35 m! The flexible settings of the LED-TRIPLEX-LAMP make...

  • Centrifugal Big Fans

    Centrifugal Big Fans

    Profitable dairy farming is not possible unless the cows can retain their peak milk production even when no wind is blowing and temperatures are high. As already mentioned in a previous article, animals suffer heat-induced stress when the temperature in the shed climbs above 20°C. The cows become sluggish, eat less, and start panting in an effort to release their body heat. When the temperature rises from 20°C to 30°C, cows will take in at...

  • Rubber Flooring

    Rubber Flooring

    High-yield cows are supposed to rest for at least 12 hours a day. Only sufficient rest will allow their metabolism to produce 30 l of milk. The following requirements must be met:

  • Water Troughs

    Water Troughs

    As any other animal, a dairy cow needs food and water in order to produce milk. While the more affordable resource, water should receive the same amount of attention as any ration of feed. After all, milk consists of 87% water! To produce 1 liter of milk, cows need 3 liters of water, or up to 4 liters in the summer time. This is equal to a volume of 80 to 170 liters per cow a day. If their water intake is restricted in any way, the cows will yield...

  • Cow Brush

    Cow Brush

    This is what it was like in the past: In a stanchion barn housing 40 cows on a farm run by a sprightly grandpa, all cows are and brushed individually and all tails are washed and combed on a regular basis. This turned the herd of cattle into a feast for one's eyes to be beheld on a Sunday visit. The situation is diametrically different today. Apart from being important to the hygiene that must be kept during milking, the cleanliness of the animals...

  • Calf Hutch

    Calf Hutch

    Arntjen Calf Hutch: the alternative way of raising calves:

  • Barn Equipment

    Barn Equipment

    High-yield cows are supposed to rest for at least 12 hours a day. Only sufficient rest will stimulate the animals' metabolism enough to produce 30 l of milk a day. The following requirements should be met:

  • Scraper System

    Scraper System

    Our state-of-the-art scraper systems allow you to clean up the walking surfaces in your stables in no time. Clean and dry walking surfaces promote husbandry that is appropriate to the species. We can provide you with modern and flexible scraper systems that are also suitable for gangways of varying lengths. No matter if you have solid or slatted floors. Just ask us. We will find the scraper system that fits your requirements best.

Products by Schurr Ger├Ątebau GmbH

  • Cow Comfort Products

    Since 1991 we are producing cow-brushes with two brushes. Nowadays automatic cow-brushes are the standard equipment on the farms.It’s an established fact that using our SCHURR 2-brush-system increases the well-being of your cows. Regular brush massage improves the blood circulation.

  • Schurr - Hoof Trimming Box

    Schurr - Hoof Trimming Box

    Lameness is a major problem in milking dairy farms worldwide. Regularly hoofs care is as important as feeding. On the hoofs lies heavy the whole weight. Trimming hoofs as required, and treating problems as soon as they occur can save money on vet fees, antibiotics, and lost production.

  • Schurr - Boot Cleaner

    Schurr - Boot Cleaner

    Our SCHURR boot cleaner is designed for a simple and effective boot cleaning on your farm.  Two brushes allow a manual, selective cleaning of the soles, sides, heels and insteps.  The vertical brush is semicircular to brush all round parts of your boots. For more thoroughness connect the SCHURR boot cleaner to the water connection! Therefore a ½” clutch is mounted.

  • Schurr - Model B00  - 2-Brush-System

    Schurr - Model B00 - 2-Brush-System

    The milk performance of your cows depends on the welfare and cow comfort of your animals - only healthy and groomed milking cows getting a good milk performance. With our SCHURR 2-brush-system we’re increasing the animal welfare. Since 1991 we are producing cow-brushes with two brushes. Nowadays automatic cow-brushes are the standard equipment on the farms.

  • Schurr - Model 2 - Automatic Brush System

    Schurr - Model 2 - Automatic Brush System

    Experience and quality is our strength! Over 18 years experiences with our SCHURR 2-brush-system for milking cows are giving us a unique knowledge of brushing and cleaning cows. Farmers worldwide are knowing this fact! Over the years also farmers with goats or pigs were contacting us to get information about our 2-brush-system. We were doing some first test-runs and we were successful! Again and again we are open for new challenges and projects....