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  • Aquaculture

    Fiberglass tanks for aquaculture and aquarium. We have a wide selection of fiberglass tanks. Some of our tank collections include panel tanks, round culture tanks, rectangular troughs, cone bottom tanks and much more

  • Panel Tanks

    Panel Tanks

    These large diameter tanks are ideal for fish raising and holding. Diameters ranging from 10′ to 40′ are available in a variety of depths. This design allows these tanks to be shipped in a package of several side panels and a one piece bottom, allowing us to ship a large quantity on a truck load for a tremendous freight savings. The floor and panels are bolted together in the field with stainless bolts, and the seams are glassed, forming a...

  • Round Culture Tanks

    Round Culture Tanks

    These round fish culture tanks are ideal for rearing fish due to their smooth gel coated interior. Tanks are available in many sizes up to 10′ in diameter to fill the needs of any size operation. These tanks are economical to build, yet are strong enough for years of dependable service.

  • Fiberglass Raceway Tanks

    Fiberglass Raceway Tanks

    The Red Ewald, Inc. Fiberglass “Raceway” Tank is unique in design and has several outstanding features and applications over other tank designs. The tank is constructed entirely of fiberglass which offers the advantages of lightweight, no rusting or corrosion problems, flexibility, exceptional strength, can be easily moved, altered or repaired, and requires no painting.

  • Holding Tanks

    Holding Tanks

    Many aquariums today are using fiberglass tanks for holding fish, plants and invertebrates. Red Ewald, Inc. can modify many of its standard round and rectangular tanks to fit your need, space and requirements.

  • Agriculture

    Since 1963, Red Ewald, Inc. has fabricated fiberglass reinforced plastic storage tanks fro the agricultural industry. Red Ewald, Inc. offers a complete line of coned, dished or sloped bottom tanks with capacities ranging from 500 to 42,000 gallons.

  • Quick Move Storage

    Quick Move Storage

    Quick Move” storage tanks from Red Ewald, Inc. are the quickest and easiest way to handle all temporary and permanent storage needs for the person on the move. Since 1963, Red Ewald, Inc. has fabricated fiberglass reinforced plastic storage tanks for the agricultural industry. These 30 plus years of experience in designing and engineering have resulted in the production of a complete line of permanent and portable storage tanks...

  • Fiberglass Storage Tanks

    Fiberglass Storage Tanks

    Red Ewald, Inc. builds one of the largest one-piece fiberglass storage tanks available for agricultural use. Measuring 15’6″ in diameter with a 30′-0″ straight side wall height, it provides a 42,000 gallon capacity, giving you the best price per gallon in fiberglass tanks. Please refer to our Technical Page for some available sizes. Pumps, plumbing, valves, manifold stands, and meters are available with all units. Red Ewald,...

  • Applicator Units

    Applicator Units

    The 500, 800, or 1,000 gallon tank and tandem trailer is another versatile and economical unit manufactured by Red Ewald, Inc. The trailer’s unique torsion bar axle gives each wheel independent suspension to absorb most shock loads. The balanced load transfers some of the weight to the truck or tractor. The trailer axles are rated at 13,000 lbs. and can be equipped with LT235/85R16 or 1200 x 16.5 highway tires or 1100L x 15 flotation tires. The...