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  • Equipment for Processing Grain

  • SAMI - Grain Silos

    SAMI - Grain Silos

    SAMI grain silos have an elevated roof profile that is consistent with the shape the grain forms when piling up. The entire capacity can be taken advantage of, and no waste space is left in the upper part of the silo.

  • Equipment for Storing and Handling

  • SAMI - Forage Silos

    SAMI - Forage Silos

    SAMI forage silos are designed to fit into the reliable feeding automation process of farms. From the wide selection of forage silos, you will find the most suitable alternative for you for storing forage both indoors and outdoors.

  • Equipment for Accurate Cultivation

  • Centrifugal Spreaders

    Centrifugal Spreaders

    The large tanks of the SAMI fertilizer spreader reduce filling times. The plates’ two telescopic wings of different size offer great working width, and the spreading can be adjusted and outlined accurately.SAMI 2000 spreader supply is guided with electrically controlled spindle motors. SAMI 700 fertilizer spreader is an economical cable-guided basic spreader, which is designed for effective fertilization of small areas.