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  • Rekord - Combi System

    Rekord - Combi System

    Suited for combines with traditionally straw walkers. The system makes it possible to distribute the straw and chaff separately or handle them together. It is made possible as the chaff spreader can be regulated to throw the material to the side or to the back into the chopper.

  • Rekord - Model Plus System - Combine Harvesters

    Rekord - Model Plus System - Combine Harvesters

    Specially constructed for rotor combines in which the straw is separated by one or two long rotors. A heavy air stream from the chaff spreader helps to spread the chopped straw. When swathing, the chaff is spread to the sides as usual. Furthermore there is a possibility to collect the chaff together with the windrowed straw.

  • Rekord - Maxi Spreader

    Rekord - Maxi Spreader

    The Maxi Spreader is a must for combines with large cutting headers. It is possible to spread very wide and to compensate in strong side wind. Therefore a very even spreading pattern can be reached. The middle splitter which swings from side to side and the discs which have individual adjustable speed is the reason for good results. The spreading pattern can easily be adjusted from the cab.

  • Rekord - Chaff Spreader

    Rekord - Chaff Spreader

    Rekord develop and produce straw choppers and chaff spreaders for combine harvesters manufacture world wide. Rekord innovations have helped the farmers with the residue issue in over 55 years. Rekord straw choppers and chaff spreaders are standard on many combines today. Rekord have also equipment to old combines.