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  • Ejector Scrapers

  • Model LSE-10WB - Ejector Scrapers

    Model LSE-10WB - Ejector Scrapers

    LASER finishing and earthmoving combined in one SCRAPER model. The 'SDS' Synchronized Ejector System ensures precision material control. Walking Beam Wheel Carriage with cross level blade adjustment for smooth high speed surface finishing with 120-160 HP Agricultural Tractors. BOTTOM pan carries up to 8 yd3 (6,1 m3) of material. Ideal Scraper for Cut and Fill operations in harder soils that require a cutting blade, rather than a bottomless drag box...

  • Model 14E10.5 - Construction Scrapers

    Model 14E10.5 - Construction Scrapers

    Use for heavy soil excavation, precision land forming and GPS/Laser finishing work. Reversible three-piece Boron Steel cutting blade with serrated center. Protruding center blade for ease of loading can be replaced with standard blade for level finishing

  • Model 16E14 - Agricultural Scrapers

    Model 16E14 - Agricultural Scrapers

    Use for large general land forming and precision high-speed GPS / Laser grading work. Double edge reversible tungsten alloy steel cutting blades. Optional GPS/Laser receiving platform with handrails

  • Finishing Scrapers

  • Model LSE Series - Ejector Scrapers

    Model LSE Series - Ejector Scrapers

    Use for GPS/Laser land leveling, precision finishing and land forming work. Open front ejector bucket with extended bottom and box sides. Walking beam wheel carriage for smooth high-speed operation. Walk-up GPS/Laser receiver mounting platform with handrails (LS10 with bracket only).

  • Model LS Series - Drag Scrapers

    Model LS Series - Drag Scrapers

    Use for GPS/Laser precision finishing and grade maintenance work. Carriage with adjustable leveling range, stops and skid shoes. Rolled surface bucket with reversible alloy steel blade and box sides. Optional walk-up receiver mounting platform with handrails.

  • Model GL - Drag Scrapers

    Model GL - Drag Scrapers

    Molded boxed blade with reversible Alloy Steel cutting blade. Wheels with adjustable leveling range stops. Optional GPS/Laser receiver mounting platform.

  • Model 1446 B - Multi Blade Floatplane Scrapers

    Model 1446 B - Multi Blade Floatplane Scrapers

    Use for economical large field surface smoothing and grade maintenance work. Hydraulic operated carriage wheels lift frame for transport. Spring loaded main blade, two front and one rear smoothing blade. Completely disassembles for shipping

  • Other Products

  • RoughOUT  - Model 16CS10 - Scrapers

    RoughOUT - Model 16CS10 - Scrapers

    These PivotDUMP models are self-loadingto excavate, but not finish the surface. Tandem hydrualics and rear hitch. Three reversible blades, protruding center section with serrated edge on one side. Cut, pictured at right.