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  • Drying

  • Mobile Dryer

    Mobile Dryer

    RIELA-Continuous or Re-Circulating Dryer mobile in aluminium design

  • Feed and Turn Dryer

    Feed and Turn Dryer

    Apart from drying grain, maize, rape seed and sunflowers, the feed and turn dryer in particular was developed for easy drying of wooden pellets, peat pellets, wooden shred, plastic flakes, foliate plants, grass, granules or similar products.

  • Stationary Dryer

    Stationary Dryer

    Stationary Continuous and Re-circulating dryers galvanized or made of aluminium Hours output up to 120 t/h in grain with a humidity extraction of 4% or up to 18 t/h in maize with a humidity extraction of 20%.

  • Tiltable Mobile Dryer

    Tiltable Mobile Dryer

    With conical formed cascades for constant drying. Rectangular drying tower made of special aluminium. Frame and supporting parts galvanized. With storage section. For gentle cleaning of grain, rape, maize, sunflowers and legumes. With two bucket elevators positioned sideways. Warm air generator optional for propane, natural gas or oil (direct heating) on a separate trailer. Sensor for filling and emptying. Fully automatic continuous drying control...

  • Grain Cleaning Plant

    Grain Cleaning Plant

    An up-to-date grain plant is hardly conceivable without a cleaning plant connected to the intake station even if the grain is only used internally. The dust pollution is reduced, undesirable admixture and green parts are sorted out and the performance of the following conveying and drying plants is optimized. According to the process, pre-cleaners, sieve cleaners and combined units which combine the sieve cleaning with the pre-cleaning, can be...