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  • Sprinklers

  • Netafim - Micronet Sprinklers

    Netafim - Micronet Sprinklers

    Bridgeless design eliminates dripping. Recommended operating pressure between 2-3bar. Green swivel high trajectory. Grey swivel is for low flat trajectory. Blue swivel is for low trajectory. Acid resistance plastics allow for improved cleaning and maintenance. Excellent uniformity. SpinNet SD (shoulder distributor) allows for more rectangular designs and where specific areas need watering separately. Complete interchangeable system.

  • Drip Irrigation

  • Arrow Stakes

    Arrow Stakes

    Maximal working pressure: 1.2 bar. Turbulent” labyrinth wide water passages for highest reliability and efficiency. 5 different models to meet growers’ requirements. To be “inserted” into a 3*5 micro-tube. Injected dripper, very low CV.

  • Nursery Stock

  • Ripple Aquaplast - Feeding and Control System

    Ripple Aquaplast - Feeding and Control System

    Accurate dosing is critical to growing success. Alongside our industry leading drippers and drip systems, the Aquaplast feed rigs are renowned for applying the right amount at the right time. By feeding a plant with its specific, ever changing, needs it gives the farmer a precise level of control over the growing environment.

  • Ripple Aquaplast - Drip Irrigation Systems

    Ripple Aquaplast - Drip Irrigation Systems

    Ripple Aquaplast are a UK distributor for NDJ drip irrigation products. NDJ are the worlds largest irrigation company and they are absolute world leaders in drip irrigation. Not all drippers are the same and the NDJ range surpasses all others by some margin and its use in nursery stock is becoming more popular due to its extremely accurate application of water and fertiliser. A well designed drip irrigation system from Ripple Aquaplast will add...

  • Ripple Aquaplast - Outdoor Sprinklers

    Ripple Aquaplast - Outdoor Sprinklers

    Using the extensive range of NaanDan plastic and metal sprinklers, Ripple Aquaplast are able to offer solutions which cover every eventuality. You may have a windy site, dense foliage, small or large beds. Perhaps even a limited water supply. Whilst all these provide challenges, they are challenges that we are able to accept and solve. We use CITs SPACE sprinkler software to theoretically demonstrate prior to any decision being made allowing...

  • Ripple Aquaplast - Indoor Sprinkers

    Ripple Aquaplast - Indoor Sprinkers

    Using the NaanDan sprinkler range Ripple Aquaplast are able to fulfil all requirements for glasshouse and tunnels. Single or multi bay simultaneous operation, droplet size manipulation to manage distance, height and throw trajectory for percentage coverage within the walls of the structure plus precipitation rate all equate to a level of efficiency which gives the grower maximum control over his water application. Once again we use CIT's SPACE...