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  • Ritchie Cattle Products

  • Ritchie - Calf Creep Feeder

    Ritchie - Calf Creep Feeder

    Robust all steel construction. Full length trough fed from approx. 300kgs capacity hopper. Bird-proof hopper filled from weatherproof, easily operated, sliding door at the rear of the feeder. Adjustable header rail to keep out cows. Fitted with skids for easy movement Recommended to be fixed down in exposed locations. Internal Specifications: Length 2440mm, Width 1930mm, Height 1400mm.

  • Ritchie - Basic Cattle Handling Crate

    Ritchie - Basic Cattle Handling Crate

    This basic cattle crate is hot dipped galvanised and offers the stockman an adjustable manual yoke, operable from either side. There is good access to stock all around the crate and it is fitted with rear lugs to attach to race-way hurdles.

  • Feeding Products

  • Ritchie - Barley Beef Feeder

    Ritchie - Barley Beef Feeder

    Manufactured from 1.6mm Steel Plate. Supports up to 1250Kgs. Capacity. Full Width two-part lid for easy filling. Forklift Sockets and Lifting Lugs fitted for easy Handling. Painted Finish Only.

  • Ritchie - Bottomless Feed Ring

    Ritchie - Bottomless Feed Ring

    Robust easy to handle feed ring. 18 wide feed spaces. Diameter makes it easier for young stock to feed. Solid sheet metal skirt ribbed for strength. All welded fabrication. Supplied in two easy sections for easy 6 bolt assembly. Hot dipped galvanised.

  • Ritchie Lamb Feeding Equipment

  • Ritchie - Lamb Creep Hurdle

    Ritchie - Lamb Creep Hurdle

    Robustly constructed from tubular steel. The steel rollers offer 3 width settings of 150, 190 and 225 cm. Hot Dipped Galvanised Finish. Dimensions:  1200 mm x 1000 mm high.   2500 mm x 1000 mm high.