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  • Protea - Dual Drive Golf Greens & Tees Mowers

    Protea - Dual Drive Golf Greens & Tees Mowers

    Protea GOLF greens and tees mowers are designed and constructed to provide the highest possible quality of cut consistently over extended periods and to meet the rigorous demands of modern golf courses. They will also appeal to cricket clubs, the dual-drive system and 'click' height-adjusters making them ideal for wickets and squares.

  • Heavy Duty Mowers

    Heavy Duty Mowers

    Amongst the most rugged and reliable cylinder mowers now available in the UK, Protea Heavy Duty 'HD' mowers, in 24-inch, 30-inch and 36-inch widths, are suitable for a very wide range of fine turf applications from cricket squares through to outfields. Standard features include an 8-blade precision ground cutting cylinder, dual rear rollers with removable roller scraper, tip-over steel grassbox, and the reliable and fuel efficient Subaru Robin EX17 6...

  • PROTEA - Model (G) 12-blade - Single-Drive Greensmowers

    PROTEA - Model (G) 12-blade - Single-Drive Greensmowers

    The GREENSMOWER 'G' and 'SI' models are simplified versions of the Golf range and will suit those applications where a very high quality cut is required but a dual-drive system is unnecessary. The GREENSMOWER range includes the 12-blade 'G' models and 6- or 9-blade 'SI' models in 20-inch and 25-inch cutting widths. All are fitted with the very best Subaru Robin EX13 4.5hp engines and share the same easy handling characteristics and open-frame design...

  • Protea - Powered Groomer/Dethatcher

    Protea - Powered Groomer/Dethatcher

    The accumulation of thatch on any grass surface is a major cause of poor grass condition. Dead and dying matter starves the plant of nutrients, creates a spongy, slow playing surface and allows disease to develop. Using the GROOMER/DETHATCHER throughout the growing season is the most effective means of reducing thatch build-up and discouraging lateral growth, allowing a healthy and fast green to thrive. It is fully self propelled...

  • Model 500SVG - Scarifier-Verticutter Groomer

    Model 500SVG - Scarifier-Verticutter Groomer

    This extremely robust contractor quality Dedicated Scarifier comes with a range of four quick-change bolt-in grooming, verticutting and scarifying reels. Available in 19' width and fitted with the offset scarifying reel as standard.Suitable for customers requiring one machine to perform numerous turf maintenance jobs.