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  • Tillers

  • Garden Tractor

  • Robi Rekord - Model 250 T  - Garden Tractor

    Robi Rekord - Model 250 T - Garden Tractor

    The uniaxial garden tractor with its working tools is utilizable for cultivation of garden and, houshold parts. Succesfully applicable for grape and fruit-garden works.

  • Communal Machines

  • Robi - Model MM 50  - Motorized Mulcher Machine

    Robi - Model MM 50 - Motorized Mulcher Machine

    Engine: Briggs & Stratton 5.5 HP OHV 190 ccm or Honda GCV 160 5 HP 180 ccm. Drive: oil-bath worm gear, V-belt driven. Speed: 1 forward - 1 reverse. Mulcher: 50 cm working width, 2 pcs cutter blade. Running wheels: 4x8' sized, air tubed, farmer patterned. Remote controls: attached working tools drive forward - reverse clutches. Running speed: 2.4 km/h

  • Fruit Processing

  • Stationary Screw Fruit Pressers

    Stationary Screw Fruit Pressers

    Traditional construction with laminated juice plate and with welded stationary screw. The sizes No.36-72 have geared fastener mechanism.

  • Model AZ - Fruit Crushers

    Model AZ - Fruit Crushers

    Hand operated grape crushers are made with plastic rolls and the fruit crushers are made with aluminium rolls. The function is reversible with the change of rolls.

  • Snappers - Millers

  • Model ROPPI  - Fodder Snapping Machines

    Model ROPPI - Fodder Snapping Machines

    The lose structure of the snapped crop, from the point of view of digestion is more uniform and advantegous. Its results for the farmer healthier animals, less consume of fodder and more profite at the same time.  The best fodder of the horse breeding is the snapped oat. Having the snapped machines, the fresh fodder can be prepared day by day, the loss of vitamin is smaller and the fodder will not be dried.

  • Millers Machine

    Millers Machine

    Suggestion for houshold farmers and pet breeders. The use of millers:  It's utilizable for the snapping and milling of all kind of corns, peas, beans and premix mictures. The structure of machines is of up to date and the use of it is simply.