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  • Retrieve Plastic Mulch

  • Model PMR I - Retrieve Plastic Mulch

    Model PMR I - Retrieve Plastic Mulch

    The PMR I is the new Plastic Mulch Retriever especially designed for the removal of plastic in heavy soils. Built with better strength and the significant change to a belt driven shaker chain ensure less wearing and high standard durability. The newly constructed cutterbars which are particularly designed to prevent the tearing of the plastic mulch, ensure a smooth run of the machine in the field. The use of a rubber belting...

  • Model PMR II  - Retrieve Plastic Mulch

    Model PMR II - Retrieve Plastic Mulch

    Two Rows in One – Simply more efficient. With the PMR 2 Model you will be able to easily retrieve 2 Rows of Plastic Mulch (and Irrigation Tape) in one single pass. Depending on your disposal or recycling scheme the PMR 2 is available as a “Drop on the ground system” or a “One Spool System”. Indifferent to all other PMR Models the PMR 2 Machine is simple and easy to use and will save you money and time costs.

  • Model PMR III  - Retrieve Plastic Mulch

    Model PMR III - Retrieve Plastic Mulch

    Rocca Industries Pty Ltd provides the most efficient solution for all Plasticulture management processes. The PMR 3 (Plastic Mulch Retriever) series is especially designed to suit large-scale agricultural horticulture farmers.  The PMR 3 machine performs the lifting and cleaning process of plastic mulch and drip irrigation with a retrieving capacity of 5-7 hectares per hour, saving enormous labour and time costs. This simple, drop on the ground...

  • Seed Planter

  • Model GVB520 - Pneumatic Metered Seed Planter

    Model GVB520 - Pneumatic Metered Seed Planter

    The GVB520 seed planter injects a seed into the ground every half-second, approximately 7,200 hills per hour, either through plastic mulch covered beds, or directly into bare ground. For vegetable row crops where one to nine row configurations are required, planting heads may be positioned at any point along the length of the tool bar. All planters come completely assembled and set up to your exact specifications.

  • Other Products

  • Model M940  - Vac Mower

    Model M940 - Vac Mower

    The new ROCCA M940 Vac Mower is designed to remove all debris from your plastic mulch. The 20' Fluted Coulters ut the vines so the debris can be lifted and extracted off the plastic. The M940 is also equiped with paralelagram arms which give you better flotation and higher travel speeds which follow with a depth wheel with height adjustment and a rear roller for extra stability. Excellent for use with Melon Crops, Tomatoes, Peppers, Strawberries,...

  • Model RTME-1100 - Semiautomatic Vegetable Transplanter

    Model RTME-1100 - Semiautomatic Vegetable Transplanter

    The Renaldo Semiautomatic vegetable transplanter plants through plastic mulch covered beds at about one plant per second, per planting head. One row to six row (on three beds) configurations available. Easy to use carousel feed system requires one operator per planting head. The planting system is designed around our patented, award-winning Posi-Flow Ground Engaging System which can inject into the ground between...