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  • Hydro-Pneumatic Fruit Trailer

    Hydro-Pneumatic Fruit Trailer

    The crates of fruit are placed on the pallets which are within the chassis. For greater ease of loading, the height of the loading platform is adjusted to the required height. After having been completely loaded, either the platform is lowered to the ground and the pallets are removed by a pallet truck, or the trailer platform is raised to the level of a loading bay or a lorry, up to 1m20, to make unloading by pallet truck possible. All the jacks are...

  • Internal Dimensions of the Chassis

    Internal Dimensions of the Chassis

    Internal dimensions of the chassiS. Width: 1.25m. Length: 5,20m. Overall width: from 2.10m to 2.49m, depending on the tyres. Equipped with 4 wheels mounted on swinging arms. In this way the trailer has great flexibility, both in the orchards and on the road. These swinging arms attached to an articulated arm operated by two hydraulic jacks, make it possible to raise the trailer for transport, all this being linked to a large cross-section tubular...

  • Low-slung Spreaders

    Low-slung Spreaders

    A new distribution system: Makes it possible to spread on the right side of the spreader over a width which varies with the speed of the power take-off (0.50m to 2m). This also makes for economizing fertilizer by the width of the body, and a better distribution at the feet of trees.