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  • Custom Built Flatbed Trailers

    Custom Built Flatbed Trailers

    12' I beam frames. 3' channel cross members. 8' wide. Treated Pine Flooring. Drop foot jack 12,000 lbs.. Adjustable coupler - 2 5/16. 6' slide in ramps or fold-up ramps. Electric brakes all wheels. 4' or 5' dove tail. Tool box between neck. Standard pockets on 24' centers with rub rail. Breakaway kit with charger. ICC approved lights. Reflector tape. Painted with Dupont primer & Dupont Imron Paint. Overneck trailers 16' to 40'. Tag-a-long trailers...

  • Custom Built Livestock Trailers

    Custom Built Livestock Trailers

    3/16' Formed brush rails. Spaced formed slat side. Schedule 40 pipe top & sides. Treated wood floor. Height - 6'6', Width - 6'. Double rear gates. Drop foot jack 12,000 lbs. Swivel jack for bumper hitch. Adjustable coupler 2 5/16 (Gooseneck). Bumper hitch coupler 2' & 2 5/16. Six lug wheels on 16' trailers. Five lug wheel on 10' to 14' trailers (Bumper Pull). Eight lug wheels on 20' trailers and over (Gooseneck). Six lug wheels on 16' Bumper...

  • Custom Built Utility Trailers

    Custom Built Utility Trailers

    6' and 8' channel frames.3' channel cross members.72' thru 81' width.Treated pine flooring.2' & 2 5/16' couplers.Fold up ramps.Electric brakes all wheels .Dovetail or straight back.Standard pockets.Breakaway kit with charger.ICC approved lights.Reflector tape.Painted with Dupont primer & Dupont Imron Paint.Models from 8' to 20'