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  • Silo Installation and Maintenance Services

    Silo Installation and Maintenance Services

    Rosilo Montaj has its own team of installers equipped with all the necessary equipment to put in place your project standards and procedures required by the manufacturer. we ensure the installation guarantee and the ventilation maintenance, drying, loading, unloading silos during the project. the service team ( experienced technicians) responds to your request within maximum 24 hours. Silos are delivered in pieces for easy assembly. the...

  • Automation and Electrical Equipment Installations Services

    Automation and Electrical Equipment Installations Services

    For proper silos functioning so as to ensure optimum grain storage (temperature and humidity controlled) complete automation systems are needed. the automation systems include cables, electric systems and control panels adjusted to your specific wishes and needs. Our automation panels are available for all the project sizes from a silo to large industrial systems with conveyor systems and mobile dryers. all the control panels and automation systems are...

Services by DAN-CORN A/S

  • Service


    We offer a service concept for your silos, mobile dryer and conveyor system and repairs in connection with the service visit. And you can save money if you plan the service in due time.

  • Spare Parts

    Spare Parts

    Even though we deliver high-quality products it might be necessary to change certain parts. We have a large number of common spare parts in stock for immediate delivery.

  • Terms of Sale, Payment And Delivery

    Terms of Sale, Payment And Delivery

    Offers; All offers are subject to confirmation unless otherwise stated. The times of delivery stated in the offer shall be valid subject to changes of times of delivery on part of Sukup Europe A/S’ supplier and subject to the goods being unsold. The offer shall lapse if the customer does not accept it within 30 days.