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  • Tapco - Model CC-HD - Elevator Buckets

    Tapco - Model CC-HD - Elevator Buckets

    Tapco introduced the CC-HD elevator bucket over 35 years ago. The CC-HD solved the issue of bent & torn metal buckets. The polyethylene design used in Tapco buckets allow for the bucket to flex when hung in the elevator and return to the original shape. This is why a Tapco bucket is called 'the bucket with a memory'. The Tapco CC-HD bucket also keeps with the traditional design of metal elevator buckets that has been around for years. Other...

  • Ross - Square Spouting

    Ross - Square Spouting

    When your facility requires square spouting for greater capacity you need to call us at Ross. Our quality manufactured square spouting is available in seam welded or removable top styles and has a variety of options available in lining materials and thicknesses. Square spouting is available in mild steel painted or galvanized at the same price and is also available in stainless steel.  The benefits of square spouting...

  • Ross - Vertical Mixer

    Ross - Vertical Mixer

    The Ross Vertical Mixer is a great solution for farmers who want control of mixing their own feed, cooperatives, milling facilities, and grass seed mixing facilities. Ross Vertical Mixers come in above floor and below floor styles with three capacities available. Each mixer is custom designed to meet the needs of the customer and include 12 Ga. barrel construction and door access to the mixing chamber as standard features. The Ross Vertical...

  • Components - Elevator Buckets

  • Ross - Metal & Cast Iron Buckets

    Ross - Metal & Cast Iron Buckets

    Depending on the material being moved a plastic bucket just might not be able to handle the job. That's why we also offer a range of metal and ductile iron buckets. Let us help with buckets from Tapco, 4B, and GrainBelt. Metal buckets come in a range of styles including fabricated, pressed steel, bottomless and more. We can make sure that you get a great price and the right buckets for your facility.