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  • Animal Husbandry - Equipment for Cattle and Buffalo Breeding

  • Olanda & America - Short Stalls

    Olanda & America - Short Stalls

    The 'America' stall is a particular evolution of the short stall, generally adopted in stables where pasture is made. Its characteristic is to actually allow the simultaneous release and the capture of groups of animals.

  • Buffalo Feeding Rack

    Buffalo Feeding Rack

    The particular shapes and dimensions of the neck, head and horns, are often an obstacle to the adoption of the self-capturing racks. Good results can be reached with the adoption of two-lines racks, the lower of which is mobile and adjustable in height. The lower line has to be placed forward in order to assure a more correct position during the feeding and to avoid any injury to the animal.

  • Arched Self-Capturing Rack

    Arched Self-Capturing Rack

    Especially suitable for animals with horns, that would find very difficult to get in a traditional type of rack.

  • Post Weaning Box

    Post Weaning Box

    The sector designed for calf weaning is then improved with many specific accessories, which are necessary for a proper running. Especially helpful are, instance, the birth-aid trolley, the mixer for the preparation and the feeding of milk and the trolley for new-born's move.

  • Sheep and Goat Breeding Equipment

  • Feeding Equipment

    Feeding Equipment

    A modern livestock operation has to include specific functional areas, with the proper dimensions equipment.

  • Milking Parlours

    Milking Parlours

    The milking parlour is for sure one of the elements with the highest influence on the production outcomes and on the management of the sheeps and goats breeding.

  • Pig Equipment

  • Innovative Prefabricated Pigsties

    Innovative Prefabricated Pigsties

    Plants for dry or liquid feeding, with options for distribution on demand or computer controller. Feeding tanks, feeders and troughs in stainless steel, for the proper feeding of the feed portions. False ceilings in fiber glass micro-drilled panels for a perfect uniform air diffusion and the maximum animals' comfort. Forced ventilation system with entry of clean air from the garret and air change provided by chimney ventilators and computer for the...