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  • Cyclone Series Finishing Mowers

    A complete range of three spindle finishing mowers for tractors ranging from 16 to 70 Hp. Wether you are a private or commercial user, Rotomec has the mower for you. The Cyclone mowers are the ideal machines for maintaining lawns, sports fields and golf courses. Five different series are available, C28, C30, C50 & C70 with working widths varying from 120 up to 280 cm. All models can be either front or rear tractor mounted. Finally, the C30-CE5 is an engine driven mower specifically desig

  • Cyclone Flex Series Gang Mowers

    Rotomec is the only manufacturer to offer four series of gang mowers technically advanced and ideal for mowing wide areas. These machines are particularly suitable for golf courses, parks, Sod Farms, municipalities etc. and offer both high mowing speeds and excellent quality finish. To guarantee a perfectly level cut each mowing deck stands on four wheels and works independently from one another thanks to the free floating system. Cutting widths vary from 360 to 600 cm. Use the window bel

  • Hurricane Series Flail Mowers

    Three series of flail mowers especially designed to offer the best performance wherever professional, highly accurate and safe mowing is required. Our Hurricane series flail mowers come with features such as a perfectly balanced rotor and double pivot blade attachments to eliminate blade breakage, excessive wear and rotor damage. The high blade tip speed and floating top hitch allows for an absolute uniform cut and the clockwise rotation (anti-clockwise available upon request) assures a s

  • Tornado Series Rotary Cutters

    The Tornado Rotary cutters are solid, dependable and built to last. Ideal for farms, parks, industrial complexes and more. They can handle the tallest grass and the toughest mowing assignments including bushes. The Tornado Rotary cutters are also used for chopping wheat, cornstalks, sunflowers, artichokes, potatoes, etc., pulverizing the residue for easy incorporation. Two series are available for tractors ranging from 20 to 100 Hp and in cutting widths that go from 120 to 210 cm. All rot

  • Till-Rite Series Rotary Tillers

    Till-Rite is a complete range of side-shift, sturdy, versatile and economical rotary tillers. Five different models are available: T30, T40, T50, T60 and T70 for tractors ranging from 16 to 70 HP at 540 rpm. These machines can be used anywhere from orchards to nurseries, from vineyards to green houses and in all types of landscaping jobs. Working widths vary from 85 to 205 cm. The side skids are adjustable to allow the user to choose the ideal working depth. The built in smooth manual sid