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  • Rottne - Model H8 - Harvester

    Rottne - Model H8 - Harvester

    ROTTNE H8 is a thinning harvester with unique properties. The two-part chassis with an articulated joint in the centre produces precise tracking, and when combined with its levelling capabilities, the H8 harvester becomes extremely flexible and easily driven and leaves a minimum of damage when working out in the stand. When you need to move backwards the rear-view camera automatically presents pictures on the D5 computer display. Work becomes simple...

  • Rottne - Model H11 6WD - Harvester

    Rottne - Model H11 6WD - Harvester

    The new contender, ROTTNE H11 6WD in a 6-wheel design, with an articulated steering joint for thinning and final felling. Powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission and articulated frame joint give ROTTNE H11 6WD excellent off-road performance and precise tracking. The harvester cab offers superb operator comfort and excellent visibility over the work area. This is further improved if the harvester is equipped with a swivelling and levelling cab with...