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  • Harvesters

  • Rottne - Model H8 - Harvester

    Rottne - Model H8 - Harvester

    ROTTNE H8 is a thinning harvester with unique properties. The two-part chassis with an articulated joint in the centre produces precise tracking, and when combined with its levelling capabilities, the H8 harvester becomes extremely flexible and easily driven and leaves a minimum of damage when working out in the stand!

  • Rottne - Model H11 6WD - Harvester

    Rottne - Model H11 6WD - Harvester

    The new contender, ROTTNE H11D in a 6-wheel or 8-wheel design, with an articulated steering joint for thinning and final felling. Powerful engine, hydrostatic transmission and articulated frame joint give ROTTNE H11 excellent off-road performance and precise tracking. The harvester cab offers superb operator comfort and excellent visibility over the work area. This is further improved if the harvester is equipped with a swivelling and...

  • Rottne - Model H14C - Harvester

    Rottne - Model H14C - Harvester

    ROTTNE H14C is an easily operated harvester and a real powerhouse. An all-round harvester for both final felling and thinning capabilities. The harvester has a 6-wheel chassis with single rear axle and front portal bogie that ensures excellent ground clearance.

  • Forwarders

  • Rottne - Model F10D - Forwarder

    Rottne - Model F10D - Forwarder

    A thinning forwarder with the perfect characteristics to perform a first class job in dense thinning stands or for light final felling. ROTTNE F10D is a further development of the popular thinning forwarder F10 and has all the features demanded of a genuine thinning forwarder. Stability, flexibility and good tracking are typical characteristics for this machine. Even the cab’s large windows and low bottom edges provide fantastic...

  • Rottne - Model F11D - 8 Wheeled Forwarder

    Rottne - Model F11D - 8 Wheeled Forwarder

    There's a new man in town. F11 - the new medium sized challenger with 12 ton load capacity. Our new 8-wheeled forwarder Rottne  F11D is a strong workhorse which with its high tractive force provides a soft and flexible operation in tough terrain. The low centre of gravity provides the forwarder with great stability. Rottne  F11D is a compact machine with excellent tracking and a very comfortable...

  • Rottne - Model F20D - Robust Forwarde

    Rottne - Model F20D - Robust Forwarde

    Rottne F20D - a robust forwarder that is perfect for long forwarding distances. Rottne F20D is a sturdy forwarders with very large load capacity, 20 tons, making it ideal for transport for long forwarding distances. The balanced bogie, with large wide wheels, provide excellent flotation and smooth and gentle travel.

  • ROTTNE - Model F13D - Forwarder

    ROTTNE - Model F13D - Forwarder

    ROTTNE F13D is an all-round machine with high performance and high load capacity for those performing both thinning and final felling. The forwarder’s steerable wagon facilitates flexible work in the forest, leaving minimal damage behind it. ROTTNE F13D has 8 wheels and a load capacity of a full 13 tonnes, a hydraulically-controlled front gate and front bunk and a height-adjustable gate that makes it more flexible for...