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  • Poly Greenhouses

    At Rovero you will find a huge range of poly greenhouses in different types and sizes. Vegetables, fruit, flowers, trees: we have the perfect greenhouse for anything you care to grow – in any climate. Our greenhouses ensure the best climatic conditions for your crop and provide protection from extremes of weather. Poly greenhouses offer many benefits for nursery gardeners including high light intensity and excellent ventilation.

  • Rovero - Roll-Air Greenhouse

    Rovero - Roll-Air Greenhouse

    The Roll-Air greenhouse was developed by us and is in use all over the world. The revolutionary feature of this greenhouse is its fully opening roof. In a matter of seconds your crop can be indoors or outdoors, free of the effects of any shade. The Roll-Air greenhouse is an ideal solution because, in contrast to the standard Venlo cabriolet type greenhouse, it allows the grower to ventilate at all times, even under extreme weather conditions such as...

  • Rovero - Multi Saw Polygreenhouse

    Rovero - Multi Saw Polygreenhouse

    De Multi Rovero 'SAW Tooth' is a low budget polygreenhouse, which is used more often in tropical areas. The greenhouse is supplied with a permanent ventilation opening on top, which can be covered with insectnet.

  • Poly Tunnels

    There are many advantages to growing crops in tunnels. The climate can be controlled and the crop is protected against extremes of weather. The payback time on the tunnels is short. Rovero supplies a wide range of poly tunnels, fully customised to meet your wishes.

  • Rovero - Tunnel With Straight Walls

    Rovero - Tunnel With Straight Walls

    The straight wall tunnel is also popular with growers all over the world. Everyone appreciates its fast, easy erection. The straight walls provide more greenhouse volume, i.e. more room for your plants to grow. In addition the straight walls provide better working conditions for you and your workforce.

  • Rovero - Portable Tunnels

    Rovero - Portable Tunnels

    The name portable cover says it all: the portable cover can be positioned and removed each season. Its simple construction makes the portable cover a commercially attractive investment.

  • Climate Halls

    Field crops can also be in need of protection from time to time. Wind, hail, insects, strong sunlight or night frosts can all play havoc with your drops. Rovero supplies a range of climate structures to help you guard against this kind of damage and all come complete with fixed or mobile screens. Climate structures are available with various types of netting, e.g. shade netting, hail netting, insect netting, bird netting or transparent netting. All netting is available in a choice of widths

  • Rovero - Agro Quick Use of Glass Fibre

    Rovero - Agro Quick Use of Glass Fibre

    As the name suggests, Agro Quick is assembled and taken down in a jiffy, thanks to our use of handy quick couplings. The structure is the ideal temporary protection for your crops in case of extreme weather conditions.