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  • Crop Protection & disinfection

    Crop Protection & disinfection

    Our Crop protection & Disinfection specialists help you with integrated schedules, which combines the use of biological and chemical crop protection. This is in accordance with the most modern views on product choices, environmental concerns, costs and the latest updates. Together with you our disinfection specialists can compose a company specific hygiene plan suited to your needs. https://royalbrinkman.com/crop-protection-disinfection

  • Crop care

    Crop care

    The product specialists in this theme strive daily to optmise your crop. They can help you with computing power schemes, reading analysis and advise you in choosing the optimal chalk or display means for your business. https://royalbrinkman.com/crop-care

  • Mechanical equipment

    Mechanical equipment

    Our product specialists from the ‘Mechanization’ department can tell you everything about technical trade goods and mechanical engineering. This department can support you with the sale and installation of products such as: spray equipment, electric tractors, pipe rail trolleys, harvesting equipment, aluminum products and more. https://royalbrinkman.com/mechanical-equipment

  • Service articles

    Service articles

    The ‘’Service products’’ department can help you with all kinds of store items. Within this group there many articles such as: clothing, safety equipment, paint, maintenance items, canteen goods, hardware and tools. https://royalbrinkman.com/service-articles

  • Technical projects

    Technical projects

    Our specialists from the department of technical project scan provide you with both ‘‘Turn-key’’ and customized solutions. Royal Brinkman is the main dealer of Priva climate and registration systems. We also use proven techniques such as Vocom irrigation systems, which are installed worldwide. https://royalbrinkman.com/technical-projects

  • Crop rotation

    Crop rotation

    At ‘’Crop Rotation’’ we will help you with the preparation during the busy and hectic period when starting up a new crop. https://royalbrinkman.com/crop-rotation

  • Packaging & Design

    Packaging & Design

    The ‘Packaging and design’ department is focussed on selling and advising about articles like: pots, containers, trays, sleeves and foil. They can support you when you want to create a unique design for your product so it can make you stand out in the market. https://royalbrinkman.com/packaging-design