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  • RSL - Hydraulic Timber Grapples

    RSL - Hydraulic Timber Grapples

    We now stock 0.5t,1t, 1.5t, 2.5t and 5t capacity timber grabs and rotators to match.  You can also spec the grab with a swing attachment to attach the rotator to your machine.  Ask about our package deal.  The tiimber grabs are made from Q690 high tensile steel.  The grabs can also be specced for direct mounting to your excavator with our unique 1 bolt fixing manual rotate or an RSV continuous hydraulic fixed axis rotatoren...

  • RSL - Grain Bucket

    RSL - Grain Bucket

    Another grab bucket repaired,  This particular one was in very bad shape. The existing bottom was torn and had a huge bow, the grab frame was broken away on one side and all the lower tines were bent over.  It was going to be too much replacing the broken grab frame and as the original design was not strong enough anyway we set about making new arms with new bushes and spliced it into the old frame, new tines were added to the ends and...

  • RSL - Tree Shears

    RSL - Tree Shears

    RSL compact tree shear, small size large capacity. The RSL Tree Shears can be mounted on an excavator or front mounted on a skidsteer, telescopic or tractor.  The shears are capable of cutting large diameter trees or bunching thinner woods together with the grab for cutting so ideal for coppice work.  The shear has a powerful hardened blade that will cleanly and safely cut through timber which is a great benefit over saw type...

  • RSL - Timber Cranes

    RSL - Timber Cranes

    New to RSL,  timber cranes for 3 point linkage mounting or trailer mounting. The cranes have reaches capable of 4.1m upto 7.5m.  All cranes have twin joystick control and 4 hydraulic cylinders powering the swivel.  The one shown on the Unimog is the 4.1m version.

  • RSL - Log Skidder Attachment

    RSL - Log Skidder Attachment

    Our skidder is perfect for making the most from your compact tractors, The skidder features hydraulic rotation  and can also be specified with a hydraulic top link for loading trailers or stacking timber. The skidder is available in two sizes, 15hp - 25hp and 25hp - 50hp.  Cat 1 or Cat 2 linkage (cat 1 on smaller model)

  • RSL - Landscape Rakes

    RSL - Landscape Rakes

    Our range of landscape rakes will help you improve your machines efficiency.  Landscape rakes are often overlooked but these bits of kit can soon earn their keep from riddling to raking without dragging heaps of soil.  We have a standard range of rakes for machines starting from 0.75t upwards but we can also tailor make the rakes.  Width of rake and gap between tines can be set during manufacture to suit the job you need it to...