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  • REM - Model 3700D - Grain Vacuum

    REM - Model 3700D - Grain Vacuum

    The REM Grain Vacuum 3700D makes loading grain fast and easy.   Independent tests by grain elevators indicate that the REM Grain VAC causes less damage to valuable seed than conventional vacuum systems where high speed airlocks are used. The unique drum and exhaust design separates dust and foreign matter from the grain, thereby improving the quality of the material that you deliver.

  • Grain Augers

    Grain Augers

    We are delighted to be the Yorke Peninsula's sole distributor of the high quality, Canadian-made Meridian Augers, which have been designed for efficient, long-lasting and easy maintenance use.   Meridian products are designed with the features that farmers need and are constructed using high-quality parts and techniques, meaning that Meridan augers keep performing and get work done faster, safer and more efficiently, season after...