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  • Model 300 series - Metal Body Valves

    Model 300 series - Metal Body Valves

    Electric or hydraulic valves for waterworks, agriculture & landscape applications. The 300 series metal body, double chamber control valves range from 11/2' to 3', in Y and angle patterns. End connection include: threaded, flanged.Very versatile valve, that can be easily configured for Normally open or Normally closed applications. Available in several models, such as: pressure regulating, pressure sustaining, with or without flow control and...

  • Manual Screen Steel Filters

    Manual Screen Steel Filters

    Corrosive resistant housings made from high quality steel. Filtration degrees: available from 3500 to 80 micron. Various types of filter elements for specific perforation media in order to solve contamination problems. Semiautomatic option:turbo clean feature provides automatic cleaning of screens. Meets ISO 9002 standards Various connections to meet all international requirements. For flow rates up to 1,000 m³/h per unit. All filters are rated...