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  • Landscape Dripline

  • 6mm Micro Dripline

    6mm Micro Dripline

    Inlet filter to prevent particles from entering emitter labyrinth. Turbulent flow, large labyrinth, and two outlets per emitter help prevent clogging. Flexible tuing for easy installation. Ideal for containers and narrow plantings. Use with lA' barbed fittings.

  • Model 17mm - Pressure Compensating Dripline

    Model 17mm - Pressure Compensating Dripline

    Pressure compensating for uniform, even watering over a range of 15-50 psi operating pressures. Wide flow path and circular pool for extended life in subsurface applications. Tubing material: highest quality, UV stabilized linear low-density polyethylene. Continuous self-flushing emitter design. Two emitter inlet filters to resist internal clogging. Dual emitter outlets double resistance to clogging and provide a redundant flow path. Inline spacing of...

  • Dripline with Check Valve

    Dripline with Check Valve

    Pairing pressure compensation with check valves is the best way to ensure your landscape remains healthy and beautiful.

  • Model 17mm - Barbed Insert Fittings

    Model 17mm - Barbed Insert Fittings

    From low-volume micro dripline to pressure compensating dripline, Salco Products offers flexible options with the features that are right for your project.

  • Filters & Fittings

  • Adapters


    Perfect for use with Salco’s PST, PCCT, and PCRT series emitters.