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  • Prima - Model BMV - Original Syringe with Bottle Collar

    Prima - Model BMV - Original Syringe with Bottle Collar

    The Bottle Mount Vaccinator's innovative Fast-Fit protects bottles against breakage. Easy to chance bottle with Fast-Fit System. Locks bottle with a click. Ergonomic handle. Each 2 ml and 5 ml comes with a metal luer Lock needle nut, 100 ml bottle collar, 250 ml bottle collar and a Fast-Fit. Each 0,5 ml comes with metal luer Lock needle nut and a Fast-Fit.

  • Prima - Model Vaccinator - Automatic Syringes

    Prima - Model Vaccinator - Automatic Syringes

    2 ml or 6 ml adjustable. Complete tubing. Ergonomic handle with patented spring tensionel that easily adjust to the user and conditions. Large dosage adjuster makes changing dosages a snap. Universal needle cup and rugged construction.

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  • Highly Detectable Needle

    Highly Detectable Needle

    Detectability: HDN stainless cannula is the most detectable on the market. Durability: The HDN needle has standard durability but the highest detectability and is used in situations where maximum detectability in small sizes is desired. Sharpness: The precision-ground tip is ultrasharp. Packaging Features: Color-coded boxes and needle cartridges for easy identification of the needle size. HDN - Highly Detectable Needles - packaged 100 per box.