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  • Power Box Distributor

    Power Box Distributor

    The purpose of the power box distributor is to simplify and secure all 12 volt electrical connections on tractors, pick-ups and/or other equipment with a 12 volt battery.  Only one connection to the battery is needed.  All other connections are made on the power box.

  • Hand Washers

    Hand Washers

    Our 3 different Hand Washers can be used on various operating machinery.  The tanks hold either 4 or 6 US gallons.  The 6 US gallon model has a heavy-duty reinforced plastic tank and an extra top handle to help in transportation.  Metal brackets makes them very easy to affix to any machinery.

  • Electric Folding Booms

    Electric Folding Booms

    The electric folding boom is spring-loaded with 12 vdc actuators.  It can be easily mounted with 'U' bolts and is available in 2 different sizes: 10ft and 18ft.  The boom structure is made of galvanized square steel.  The kit includes the 12 volt actuators and the switchbox (open/close) to operate the boom.   All our booms are boxed and can be shipped by carrier such as UPS.  Nozzles, nozzle body, 'U' bolts, ...

  • Model TJ 1G - Foam Marker for ATV Sprayers and Drop Spreaders

    Model TJ 1G - Foam Marker for ATV Sprayers and Drop Spreaders

    The TJ 1G foam marker is economically built for ATV sprayers and for drop spreaders. The marker generates small foam balls at the end of the boom (or on each side of the spreader).  A full tank will last approximately 1.5 hours maximum depending on the flow rate and the quantity of foam agent used. Easy and fast to install. Foam marker is field tested.

  • Flash Reverse & Standard Tiller

    Flash Reverse & Standard Tiller

    The FLASH is a reverse rotary tiller, strongly built and gear driven.  The reverse rotation is used in order to have a better soil preparation. The flash is made in Italy with a new and innovative central gear transmission.